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Why should your hair care products be organic?

This question has been asked so often in the hair care industry in recent times. Constant comparisons between traditional hair care products and organic products are being made, outlining the pros and cons of each. Below are the top five reasons why you should choose organic hair treatment products rather than traditional ones:

  • Safety first:

Thought traditional hair care and treatment products are extremely economical when compared to organic products, safety comes first. Continuous usage of harmful chemicals on the hair and scalp can lead to many serious diseases including the development of cancer. Ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Mureth Sulfates and Olefin Sulfonate can cause dryness and flakiness of the scalp, irritate the oil secreting glands of the scalp and even cause damage to the hair follicles. Sodium Lauryl Sulfonate when comes in contact with the eye causes cataracts whilePhthalates and Parabens that act as preservatives in hair treatment products are carcinogenic in nature. Another harmful chemical used in traditional hair care is isopropyl alcohol. This causes dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

  • Added benefits:

Traditional hair treatment products do only one specific task whereas organic products do not only the specified function but also has added benefits. For example, organic products that contain tea tree extracts in them,treat skin conditions such as dandruff, burns and even blisters due to its antiseptic properties. Another popular organic product used extensively in hair care and treatment is Beta Glucan. This compound helps boost immunity both internally as well as externally and is thus useful to soothe and calm any inflammation in the cells of the scalp or to heal skin diseases. Thus, organic products get absorbed deep into the scalp and treats hair right from its root with minerals and herbal extracts, rather than superficially treating them.

  • Environment-friendly:

Traditional shampoos that are made from numerous chemicals are extremely non-biodegradable and hence not environment-friendly. When disposed, these contaminate oil and water as opposed to organic hair care products that does not harm the soil or water due to its natural ingredients. Organic products also help conserve biodiversity to some extent. Using all organic products encourages a natural balance in the ecosystem. Also, emission of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere is curbed, thereby significantly contributing to the fight against global warming. Organic hair treatment products are not tested on animals usually and is thus another added advantage.

  • Overall body health:

Using products on your hair to make it more thick, strong, shiny and most importantly healthy is not confined to your hair only. It also indirectly affects the health of your body. While using traditional hair treatment products, that contain chemicals, the whole body is exposed to them as they get absorbed into other areas of your skin while washing them off. This is like slow poison to the body. Though it may not seem like an immediate issue, with time, this does affect your bodily health as well, which is not the case with organic products. Organic products, even when it comes in contact with your body, does not get sucked into the skin and the blood stream, thus causing absolutely no harm.

  • Long term effects:

Traditional hair treatment products, due to the high quantity of chemicals in them give instant results. However, if not used on a regular basis can degrade your hair rapidly. On the other hand, organic products not only immediately nourish and clean the hair, but also work towards the long term health of your hair and scalp. For example, coconut oil, when applied to the scalp not only nourishes and smoothens the hair but also strengthens the scalp to prevent hair loss in the near future. Similarly, using Shea Butter on the scalp has some amazing effects on the hair for a long duration of time.

Therefore, to ensure long lasting hair treatment that causes little to no harmful side effects, organic products is the solution. They not only provide the desired effect but also nourish your hair from within, making it healthy like never before.


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