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Science of the finger edges

Nails can be equated to human claws. The tough outer layer is made of a protein called keratin. Nail care is important because of the following reasons:

  1. Under your nails you will find blood vessels and nerves.
  2. Nails are basically made of dead cells and they have a root called nail sinus.
  3. The keratinous tissue otherwise called the matrix produces the cells.
  4. The white crescent moon structure on the base of the nail is called lunula.

Why to have the edge?

The dead cells' at the edge basically gives all the activities that extra life. For instance, when an object is touched, the hard keratin produces an opposing force which adds to the feeling of that object.

You may observe that while cutting or doing some mechanical tasks, the nails help in increasing the grip while enhancing precision.

Lastly, it is the protector of the surrounding soft parts of the finger and gives the arm the overall rigidity and sturdity.

The nails cannot be bitten now! Help!

Though they may be small, but minute changes in their appearance and functioning can give big indications of what is happening in the body. Take a look at the following nail care tips:

  1. If the nails are slightly blue or purple, then you must strive for more oxygen in the body.
  1. Cleaning and washing is the best medic! If not then the bacteria of your socks can make the nails brittle and peel like oranges.

  1. Dryness and brittleness is the usual observation. They can even be signs that Vitamin A and Calcium is in loss in the body.
  1. Nails split apart means that you must become fat! Rather you must include essential fatty acids in the body.
  1. Nails showing the colour of the night can shine on the fact that Vitamin B is missing.
  1. Anaemia or iron deficiency can make the nails become flat literally. Just imagine the fear one can cause!
  1. Nails can literally hang and tear themselves when not supplied with proteins!

Watch out for these signs and take care of your nails.

The environment and nails

Temperature can also affect the growth of nails. When temperature climbs higher, faster the nails grow from the edge. And sweating cannot interrupt the nails. They just don’t have any effect on it.


Sleep well for better nails!

Lack of sleep sucks the juice off your body. Same thing applies for nails too. That would result in them becoming weak.


Nails too have nose! A sharper one!

Yes, and the bright glowing nail polish is suffocating it. The tissue at its side edges is alive and it is breathing. This breath significantly improves the health of the nail .


Let's get the beauty training rolling!

If beauty is a house, then nails are the windows. Anyway, let’s discuss quickly before she finishes her manicure!

  1. Olive oil massage on the nails can make them glow.

  1. If the nails are brittle, Vitamin E capsules can reenergize them.
  1. Nails can acquire a white and high definition look when a lemon is squeezed on it.
  1. Almond oil is commonly employed to strengthen the nails. A juice of it with lemon can serve many purposes.

  1. If you are diagnosed with the growth of nail fungus, then tea tree oil is found to act as an antiseptic.
  1. When work is to be done underwater, it is best to cover the nails with gloves so they stay protected. Also to keep the tissue healthy, prefer a cucumber content cream or wash.
  1. Artificial nails must be avoided. Cases have been seen that when they are used to enhance beauty, on the other side fungus grows happily in the intersection with the real nail.
  1. While choosing a nail polish, avoid chemical like toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.


With shiny and free breathing nails, prey the world and chase all conditions with proudness. Remember to match the brightness of your nail polish. Also, please cut the nails regularly!


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