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A lot of people color their hair in a bid to look different nowadays, from streaking with bright reds or highlighting them with blonde, sometimes a full coverage to make a style statement and sometimes just to cover those embarrassing greys. There are numerous hair coloring options which are easily available in the market. But unfortunately, almost every hair dye contains ammonia, chemical bleaching agents, which eventually make hair brittle and dry. The dry and less moistened hair results in a major hair loss and leaves you with less of options and hairstyles. To get away with all these hair problems, one should always use chemical-free and naturally made hair coloring agents. Organic hair colors give a bright shine and color without leaving any side effects on the hair. The organic hair colors  not just serves a glossy hair look but also provide UV protection, proper nourishment to hair and scalp and many other benefits.

So, to maintain the proper nourishment of colored hair, check in seven amazing post coloring tips with which you can serve your hair a proper hair growth even after using a myriad of colors. Here are the most favored hair coloring tips which will help in providing your hair a glamorous color and proper nourishment.

  • Good color with healthy hair:

Healthy hair with a new look is one such great and rare combination which is hard to attain. While coloring hair one should always go for naturally made, less chemical incurred hair colors to shield your bright nourished hair from harsh chemical color agents. The use of organic hair color will maintain the nourishment of hair and scalp both and will also control dandruff and other hair infections. The incurred ingredients of organic hair color will help and provide UV protection to hair and also varied other benefits.

  • Avoid shampoos with sulfates:

One should always avoid using sulfates and alcohol based products on the colored hair as the ingredients like these will fade any hair color. Always use sulfate-free products and while shampooing apply your shampoo to roots. Skip washing your hair on every other day and use it mainly on your off days.

  • Avoid heat hair styling:

Use of too much electrical hair appliances on colored hair will serve you many causes of hair fall. One should always avoid using heat styles and if you’re doing it then don’t forget and use a protectant.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun:

As the tone of our skin changes while spending a lot of time under the rays of sun, so is the case with hair too. The UV rays of sun aren’t necessarily good for hair color. One should make use of hats and caps if you have to spend a long time in the scorching heat of the sun. Therefore, one should always avoid exposing hair in the sun or use UV protection before stepping out of the home.

  • Deep Condition your hair:

To boost proper strength and volume to hair, one should deep condition hair every 4 to 5 days after washing. To deep condition your hair, you can use this simple home remedy which includes mix egg, banana and yoghurt in equal quantities. This excellent conditioning home remedy for smooth and soft tresses will condition well. One can also use organic hair conditioners for a colored glossy hair look.

  • Use hair conditioning treatment:

Use of organic deep conditioning treatment will serve you a wavy hair look. Check the organic hair treatment product on Joy By Nature and take care of your colored hair.

  • Go for the right shampoo:

Always choose your shampoo on the basis of your colored hair and scalp type. Use organic hair shampoos available on joybynature especially for colored hairs. Click and check the variety of different shampoos available at affordable prices.

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