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What is an Organic Lipstick?

Organic Lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E, essential oils, herb essence and flower petals and other natural extracts.

Why organic?

Lip skin is sensitive and delicate. Harsh chemicals make your lips rough and dehydrates them. Organic oils moisturize the lips while the organic extracts nourish and repair.

There are a lot of Organic Lipsticks available in the market today. You should make the right choice while buying them.

Ingredients used in organic lipsticks

Beeswax:It varies in colour from yellow to brown. It helps in moisturizing lips and protecting them from wind.

Carmine: It is a red pigment used as an alternate to petroleum derived synthetic colorants.

Coconut oil: It helps to smoothen the dry skin.

Hemp seed oil: It is light, non-greasy oil that readily absorbs into the skin. It has moisturizing properties and prevents the dryness of lips. It also helps the skin fight inflammations and heals skin lesions. Hemp seed oil also has a high fraction of antioxidants and Essential fatty acids.

Iron oxide: Used as a natural colorant.

Mica: It creates shimmering effect.

Sunflower oil:contains natural lecithin, tocopherols, carotenoids and plant waxes, all of which provide antioxidant protection.

Titanium Dioxide: It acts as a natural sunscreen.

Vitamin E: This is the most effective antioxidant. It protects lips from UV damage and also moisturises the skin.

So, while buying an organic lipstick, it must be ensured that it contains most of the above ingredients.

Some manufacturers also offer exciting packages that not only contain the organic lipstick but also provide you with other organic cosmetics that are healthy too.

Also an organic lipstick does not expire before an year. So you can also buy a pack of 3 to 4 lipsticks. This can also be a great gift idea. Use organic products and also recommend it to your friends. Give them the gift of nature.

Organic lipsticks are not just healthy but stylish too. You lips are delicate and sensitive, such skin requires utmost care. Organic lipsticks take care of your lips. They are gentle and harmless. They prevent dryness and make your lips glittery. People are turning to organic cosmetics rapidly. This is possibly the healthiest way of generating a style statement and appearing classy.


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