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Massages form a major part in the ancient medical field of ayurveda. Right from the start, people have had positive effects after having these therapeutic massages from trained professionals. Medical practitioners also recommend this to people suffering from any kind of muscle disorder or even to people who have ailments in any of the organ system in the body. This is basically connected to the fact that, each of the organ system is directly related to a particular pressure point in the body.

For the sake of the massages, doctors suggest the use of medicinal massage oils that are extracted from natural sources like the medicinal herbs and plants. Massage oils obtained from completely organic and natural sources are considered to be the best. When applied onto the body and massaged, they help relieve the pain. However good the massage procedure is, it will still be ineffective if a proper massage oil is not used.

Massage oils

Massage oils are generally categorised into two different types.

  • Carrier oils: This is the primary oil that is used for massage purposes.
  • Essential oils:This is at times used with the carrier oil to impart some medicinal properties to the carrier oil.

Types of carrier oils

Carrier oils are generally extracted from nuts and seeds. These are the ones that we normally consume on a daily basis. These components have high therapeutic value and are considered to be fit for massaging.

  • Oil from Almond:

The oil from this source is suitable for both aromatherapies as well as for therapeutic massages. These help maintain a smooth skin and due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, it is considered to be good for maintaining the blood pressure.

  • Jojoba oil:

Perfect for all skin types, the jojoba oil is an excellent choice of carrier oil to maintain the skin soft and to give it a youthful look. Since the oil is easily absorbed, it acts as an excellent moisturiser.

  • Oil from avocado:

This is mainly used for people who have very dry skin and for elderly skin that has become sensitive. Generally it is blended with other carrier oils and used. This keeps eczema and other types of skin disorders at bay.

  • Oil from grapeseed:

Due to the presence of linolenic acid, grapeseed oil is an excellent choice for carrier oil for the regeneration of dead skin and also acts as a very good moisturiser.


Types of essential oils

Essential oils are generally added to the carrier oils for the smell and also for blending some medicinal properties with the carrier oils.

  • Peppermint oil:

Peppermint has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. When blended with the carrier oils and massaged on the body, this reduces the occurrence of any form of skin disorder and the smell that emanates from the oil can relieve congestion in the chest.

  • Eucalyptus oil:

This is one of the most used forms of essential oils. When massaged on the body, it provides a cooling effect and is an excellent analgesic. Apart from this, it reduces the muscular strain that results after heavy work.

  • Rosemary oil:

Rosemary is the right choice of essential oil when massaging needs to be done in cases of severe muscular strain or muscular aches. This can be used for relieving migraine, depression and also fatigue. It is an excellent option for cellulite therapy.

  • Lavender oil:

When massaged over the entire body, lavender oil can provide relaxing effect to the whole body.

All the massage oils that are regularly used are obtained from the blend of these carrier oils and essential oils. These are organic in nature and thereby do not cause any serious damage when applied on the body. These massage oils are available at Joy by Nature, which has been proven to be effective to many people.


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