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Choosing between shaving foam and shaving gel boils down to one’s personal preference. What matters, though, is choosing the right shaving cream, which is not harmful for your skin. Both shaving foam and shaving gel are made up of similar ingredients; however, there are some differences and both shaving foam and shaving gel have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Shaving foam
Advantages: Shaving foams can be directly applied on the skin as it comes in the form of lather. The rich lather of foam provides an extra protection to the skin and the chances of missing patches is very thin. Shaving foam is cheaper compared to shaving gel and it doesn’t clog the razor while shaving, hence, it doesn’t require you to rinse the razor frequently.

Disadvantages: One has to reapply foam while shaving as the water in foam evaporates after sometime and it can be time consuming and troublesome. Also, a large amount of shaving foam is required to cover the same area that a small amount of shaving gel can cover. Unlike shaving gel, shaving foam is not transparent and may not work well with well-defined beard. It may also produce burning sensation after shaving.

Shaving gel
Advantages: Though, shaving gel is more expensive than shaving foam, one needs a small amount of gel during shave. Shaving gel doesn’t dry up and hence, the process is faster and efficient. It works better on thick beard and gives a closer shave. It contains plenty of oil and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. For sensitive skins, it’s recommended to use shaving gel.

Disadvantages: Shaving gel clogs the razor while shaving and it requires frequent rinsing. Gel doesn’t come in the form of lather and it needs to be worked into lather. Furthermore, gel doesn’t provide a thick lather like shaving foam. Shaving gel produces extra moisture that may not be suitable for oily skins as it leaves the moisture on the skin after shave.

When it comes to deciding on a shaving cream, it’s a personal choice and it largely depends on your type of skin and the kind of stubble you have. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but what one should keep in mind is the fact that the product shouldn’t contain harmful chemicals that can adversely affect your skin. On the other hand, if you like to work up your own lather while shaving then a shaving soap is ideal for you.

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