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Chapped and dry lips are not something that you would want in the winter. However, they are the common problems that we all have to deal with every winter. What causes dry or chapped lips is the lack of moisture on and around the lip, and the only way to combat this problem is by adequately moisturizing your lips, and nothing can be more useful than a lip balm during winter that keeps your lips moistened. However, synthetic lip balm  contain chemical compounds that can be harmful for your lips and that’s why it’s advisable to use organic lip balms. Organic lip balms come with various flavors, such as:

Strawberry lip balm: Strawberry lip balm is made up of aloe, coconut oil, and canola, and it doesn’t contain any artificial color. It’s 100% natural and petroleum free. It contains antioxidants and vitamin E that keep your lips moist and smooth.

Vanilla lip balm: Another product made up of natural ingredients is vanilla lip balm. It’s enriched with natural conditioning oil and doesn’t contain petroleum, paraben, gluten, or Phthalate. It immediately softens your lips and has a long lasting effect.

Coconut lip balm: Coconut organic lip balm contains shea butter and pure coconut oil to soothe and protect dry and chapped lips. It’s petroleum free and contains antioxidants vitamin C and E. it’s the perfect nourishment your lip needs during winter that comes with the delicious flavor of coconut milk.

Lemon lip balm: Lemon lip balm is rich with antioxidant E and natural conditioning oils. Like all other organic lip balms, lemon lip balm is also free of petroleum, gluten, and Phthalate. Apart from moisturizing your lips, it also protects them from UVA/UVB rays.

Blackberry organic lip balm: Blackberry moisturizing lip balm enriches your lips with natural conditioning oil, antioxidant vitamin C and E, and shea butter. The ingredients used are 100% natural and free of any toxic ingredients.

Honeydew organic lip balm: It moisturizes your lips throughout the day with delightful flavor of fresh honeydew. It contains jojoba oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and shea butter, and it’s free of any harmful chemicals.

Organic lip balms provide extra care that your lips need during winter without causing them any harm. Organic lip balms give your lips all the nutrition that they need and protect them from dryness. In addition to keeping them moist, the also give your lips protection from sun.

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