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Nowadays you do not get hand lotions per se but ones that double as body lotions too. Whether you choose skincare or hand wash in this category, a hand lotion is designed to work on particular skin types.

The skin on your body is not the same all over. In some places you have softer more supple skin than in others. Hand lotions work obviously on hands where skin is neither soft nor rough; your palms, however, could be calloused if you are someone who works hard jobs. These lotions are manufactured to keep such conditions at bay so you can maintain soft and gentle (smooth textured) hands and palms.

Do they work? Are they real? Here are some organic selections and what they can do. You be the judge.

  1. Is Honey A Good Ingredient Choice?

A good hand and body lotion should help moisturize your skin and keep it that way all day long, about 24 hours from the time of application. Honey adds scent and brings a nutritive element to lotions.

  • Coming out of a bath, your skin will be slightly damp even after towel drying. Apply your choice of body lotion at this time; it will show good results.
  • Whether the product contains honey or not, it should be ideal for all skin types, so there is no need for you to worry about adverse side effects like rashes, etc. Then again, get lotions that are natural and organic (its ingredients should ne, at any rate). It will allay your worries about such things.
  • Some practical ingredients in hand lotions include...
  • Almond (aside from a plethora of skin benefits, almond oil helps moisturize nails and hands, keeping the former strong and not prone to cracking)
  • Vitamin C (reduces brown spot appearances, keeps irritation and inflammation at bay, boosts collagen production for soft skin, repairs and protects from free radical damage and therefore serves as an antioxidant)
  • Basil extracts (leaves contain antiseptic properties, known to heal wounds and sores, is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal meaning it also prevents acne and pimples, gives skin a younger fresher tone, and fights ‘vitiligo’ that show up as white skin patches)
  • AHA (alpha hydroxy acids impart a youthful look to the skin, lighten age spots, and reduce fine lines even in the hand regions)
  • Pure essential oils taken from patchouli (reduces stretch marks, scars, wrinkles; a good exfoliator), ylang ylang (all-round skin health), rose (skin imperfection reductions; imparts even skin tone; better complexion), and lavender (fights all facets of acne; heals mosquito bite marks and other skin-related marks).

  1. I Want Fast-Absorbing Hand Lotions, None Of That Greasy Stuff.

Not only do several products in this category absorb quickly into the skin, they are also not as greasy as they might seem when you first squeeze out a few drops. Some such lotions are essentially for newborns but these can also work for those who have extremely sensitive skin on their hands and/or other parts of their body.

  • In addition to serving as a moisturizer, such lotions should also work against allergies, rashes, and eczema.
  • This means they need to be supremely gentle, as is expected, and contain no harmful toxins or artificial preservatives of any kind.
  • Some useful ingredients to find in such lotions include...
  • Almond oil (we already listed this ingredient’s attributes when we detailed the previous product; above)
  • Plant-based Glycerine (keeps skin feeling supple and soft; much better against dry skin than most popular products; keeps nails looking fresh; locks in moisture; cleanses and tones skin, especially hands)
  • Vitamin E (has restorative, anti-aging properties; moisturizes; safeguards from sunburns; keeps skin clean)
  • Orange extracts, calendula essential oil, and a bunch of other fully organic ingredients that work to promote skin health.

  1. Is Sunflower A Namesake Ingredient In Hand Lotions?

Far from it. Sunflower packs some of the simplest most powerful effects as hand lotions go.

  • With actual sunflower going into a lotion, you can expect it to act like the excellent emollient it is. This means your skin will retain moisture for longer and will consequently stay moisturized.
  • Also look for fig extracts. These complement sunflower in hand lotions and perform the outstanding role of humectants. This means your skin remains hydrated naturally and is encouraged to absorb moisture rather than lose it.
  • Add minerals to this mix and you have yourself a lotion that works moisturizing magic like few others.

There is more where these products came from. For more information on Organic Lotions, go here.


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