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People take moisturizing for granted. They think it is only for those who have an issue with dry skin or, more ignorant still, only for girls and little kids. Some people even go so far as to assume it is pure luxury, nothing more.

Never mind the whole scientific process of inhalation and exhalation and the humidity involved. Bottomline is that an average person loses 800ml of water from their system per day. We are not talking urination, half that water content exits through the skin (either as sweat or in subtler ways; we are skipping the dry science here so you can read ahead) and the other half goes out through exhalation (yes, you lose water content when you breathe out).

To re-moisturize your skin does not mean the cream or lotion in question is water in another form; absolutely not. The products we list help lock or retain the moisture on your skin so at least 50% of water loss is prevented from your body. Your system will find a way to re-use this water over time.

Now do you realize the importance of moisturizing?

  1. Vedicline Aromatherapy Moisturizer

Imagine coming out of the bath and towel drying yourself. Your skin will be slightly damp at this time. Apply the moisturizer at this time and watch the magic unfold; not instantly but in due course.The idea is to seal in the moisture when it is fresh.

We can go into the list of herbal ingredients comprising this wonder-product but we prefer to start off our list of moisturizer selections by keeping things simple. The amazing mix of Ayruvedic ingredients blended using the latest in scientific research has made this Vedicline product a favorite among customers.

The brand is known for its innovative approach to hair, body, and skin care. In addition to having a pleasant scent, the Vedic line Aromatherapy Moisturizer is one of the most effective natural products of its kind on the market.

  1. Khadi Natural Peach Avocado Moisturizer

Aside from being free of paraben, merely opening this bottle and sniffing what is inside brings a sense of gorgeous peace. The avocado and peach (two among a handful of ace ingredients) add to the wonderful scent while bringing their own natural benefits to your skin. Throw in shea butter and you have yourself one of the smoothest nutrient-rich moisturizers on the market.

  • Peach Extracts – Known to regenerate skin tissue, peaches when applied in combination with key natural ingredients can leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. Even glow is not forgotten. Its rich content of Vitamins K, C, and A, and selenium, beta carotene, magnesium, and potassium all serve to safeguard your skin against UV rays. Peach even repairs skin tissue. The ingredient has more than earned its place in this product.
  • Avocado Oil – Aside from promoting collagen production, your skin benefits from this oil’s anti-aging properties as well. It relieves rashes, wounds, and burns too. Itchy and dry skin need no longer worry, this oil brings superb moisturization. It absorbs deep into the skin and works its magic from there.
  • Almond Oil – Rich in Vitamins E, B, and A among others, this oil too works from deep within the skin without clogging any pores in the process. Not only does it work against chapped lips, it fights rashes, itchiness, and dry skin galore as it moisturizes your skin in diverse ways.
  • Wheatgerm Oil – Used in most renowned topical treatments, its wealth of Vitamins B, D, E and A, as well as fatty acids and antioxidants have made this oil perfect against dry and cracked skin. Moisturizing, maintaining an even skin tone, collagen production, and anti-free-radicals...this particular oil seems to be packing plenty of benefits.
  • Liquorice – People best know this ingredient for its skin lightening effects but it is also finghts several different kinds of skin ailments (e.g., eczema) and keeps it safe from tthe sun’s UV and UVB rays.
  • Aloe Vera – Keeping your skin supple and enhancing its regenerative properties, aloe removes stretch marks, dead cells, and acne in addition to preventing unhealthy tanning. It soothes your skin in multiple ways and provides all-round moisturizing like few other herbals can.
  • SheaButter – By protecting the natural oils in your skin, this butter improves your natural moisturizing potential and enhances that of other organic substances working to promote the same in your skin.

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