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Once again in the battle of man vs nature; natural Organic cleaning products are favored more than the former, mainly because they do not show any allergic reactions (in most cases) and they are less harmful to the user and the ones around.

More than 50,000 synthetic chemicals have been developed since the end of world war and most of which have not been tested for long term side effects and the worst part, these chemicals are used regularly in house hold cleaning. Many of these chemicals have gotten dispersed into the environment contaminating the soil we live, the air we breathe and the water we drink.The shocking part of all this is that, a common man wouldn’t have a clue about this and still would be comfortable with using these synthetic material day in and day out. 

How to protect the skin of the loved one and the user?

  • Minimize cleaning products to a few essentials that can do the entire job and will also save money in the process.
  • Store all cleaning products in their original containers out of the reach of children.
  • Use non-toxic alternatives, even better is the use of organic cleaning products
  • Always read and follow the instructions on the label and use only the amount required for the job.
  • When using chemicals, ensure there is adequate ventilation, wear goggles, and rubber gloves.
  • Never combine cleaning products as they can interact in dangerous ways and give off toxic fumes.


Notice allergies-

  • When a new cleaning product is being used, it is very important to notice allergies or any type of allergic reaction. If they go unnoticed they can become severe and cause permanent damage.
  • Even during the usage of organic cleaning products if there is any distress feeling like nausea or headache, etc. please stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.

Avoid mineral acids

  • We tend to use mineral acid for the cleaning if certain parts of the house. During such usage the fumes that come out from such acids will be very toxic in nature and can even to suffocation when inhaled.
  • Also when they come in contact with our skin they can cause a severe amount of pain and lead to permanent damage of the skin.

Water can be the best cleaning agent discovered by man till date. But drastic times call for drastic measures. Using earth-friendly organic cleaning products certainly is a step toward a better house, but all the green efforts will be totally negated if there is wastage of water. As the world’s population continues to increase, water scarcity is becoming a pressing issue. Many of us have no idea how much water is being used everyday, and it’s a resource we take for granted. 

Coming to the point, every time a commercial chemically filled cleaning agent is used, it will get the job done for the moment but the waste gets washed down the drain and its either dumped into landfills or sprayed into the air or is mixed with the water bodies. In total destroying the very environment needed for sustaining life.

Not to worry though, one can still get the cleaning job done by the use of organic cleaning products which still gets the job done and at the same time does not kill the user or the environment; slowly or immediately.


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