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Aftershave, as we know it, comes in form of a gel or lotion, containing an antiseptic agent to prevent infections from cuts made during shaving. Conventional aftershaves available in market contain a refined alcohol that causes a burning sensation on application. This is caused by the action of the chemical acting on your skin to clean the pores in your skin and to remove the oil from them. As a result, the skin becomes pretty dry. Also the cuts made from the razor pose a threat of infecting your skin. All these work against the naturalness of your skin. It is therefore advised to use organic, ayurvedic products to preserve smoothness of your facial skin.

Tea Tree Aftershave Gel

The tea tree aftershave gel contains the well known tea tree oil from the tea tree plant. It is extremely valuable because it acts as antiseptic for various skin conditions. And it gives a fast outcome of natural healing.

The use of tea tree oil in the aftershave gel makes it so special. No affecting your skin with any kind of synthetic chemicals. It is purely organic and natural.

Not only will it disinfect the cuts, it provides overall treatment for your skin by reducing acne problem and even works on removing scars. This aftershave is going to be everything you need to have a smooth, glowing face, a face to remember in a crowd.

Wild Grass Soothing Aftershave

As fresh as the name suggests, the wild grass soothing aftershave gel, contains natural extracts of the wild grass juice, which will revive your skin bring about the feeling of freshness. The effect of the wild grass soothing gel lasts for a long time after you apply it. You will never not not use this aftershave again!

Bio plantain aftershave balm

Your skin is subject to all the demanding weather condition you face daily. A moisturising balm goes a long way in helping preserve perfect health of your skin and make you look evergreen. This aftershave product is suitable for all skin types and leaves a smell that will keep you fresh for the rest of the day.

Aloe Vera Dab On

A natural dab on will take care of your after shave regime by providing instant relief to your dried out skin. The rich nutrients of aloe vera essential oil that is contained in the dab on balances the oil content of your skin and helps in reinstalling the natural moisture. It will also soothe irritations after shaving and heal inflammations. The antiseptic material will soothe the skin and help it regain it natural strength.

NeemTulsi face cream

After shaving, applying a tulsi or neem containing product on the face is a must. Neem has antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties and it will treat your skin free from infections. It also aids the blood circulation which is responsible for reviving the skin and prevents pimple, acne and other skin defects. On the other hand, tulsi prevents wrinkles and helps retain elasticity of skin so that you have a young, glowing skin.

Apart from acting like medicine on your facial skin, these products will also give freshness and a cooling sensation to the skin. That soft face will stay smooth and young forever if you use a neem tulsi face cream.

A Fruit cream

A Fruit scream product is everything your facial skin needs after shaving. Shaving washes your skin off oils. In absence of these oils, skin becomes very dry and prone to damage. The fruit cream works all its natural wonders into the pores of your skin, nourishing it internally. Apart from doing the very important moisturising action, this cream also strengthens skin’s defence mechanism against external agents like pollution and weather.

Apply this cream right after shaving and before heading outside and keep be carefree. No amount of dust or searing sun can harm you now.

Now, the face is the most important part of a person’s personality. It has significant role in creating first impressions. Facial skin being more sensitive, you are very conscious and aware of it throughout your day. Choose from these after shave products and use it for the benefit of your skin. Stay happy and satisfied.


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