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When we take about human anatomy, it refers to physical shape and structure. And, both males and females have different structures and body parts. An important organ of a woman’s body is her breasts, which play an important role when she reaches the stage of motherhood. They are an important tool for feeding the baby, which is also called lactation. However, one a mother stops feeding, the breast size tends to reduce and in that process, they may even sag down. However, this generally happens when a women reaches in her 40s. However, some women develop sagging at an early age also. It depends on various factors. Some of them include improper care, menopause, pregnancy, feeding, age, nutritional deficiency, wrong size of bra and aliments, such as breast cancer and tuberculosis.

These days, several women go under the knife to firm up their breasts but this is still not the right thing to do. Instead one should opt for natural remedies to firm them up. We have listed a few natural remedies for you. So, all you ladies out there! Follow these home remedies and look beautiful forever.

  1. Massage with Essential Oils

There are several essential oils available in the market, such as fennel seed oil, carrot oil, spearmint oil, cypress oil and lemongrass oil. These are known to possess the ability to rejuvenate skin cells. Therefore, they help in maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, especially of the breast area. All you need to do is massage your breasts with these oils every day before hitting the bed. If you have time you can do this procedure couple of times in a day. These not only make your skin firm but also lighten scars and enhance complexion. However, use them in less quantity as they are really sharp.

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  1. Apply Vegetable Oils

Besides essential oils, vegetable oils can also be used for massaging the breasts for firming them up. Basically vegetable oils help in toning the skin and tissues of the breast area, thus preventing them from sagging. You can use vegetable oils like almond oil and grape seed oil. They prevent the breast from sagging and also provide complete nourishment. To enhance their effect, you can add a few drops of essential oils too.

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  1. Vitamin E Oil, Curd and Egg Breast Mask

Apart from oils, you can prepare masks to prevent breast from sagging. They have similar effect on the breast skin as they have on the facial and neck skin. To make a breast-firming mask, you need vitamin E oil, curd and egg. Take one tablespoon each of all the three ingredients and whisk well. Apply this concoction on your breasts and then, allow it to dry. Wash off with cold water afterwards. Do it once a week to prevent them from sagging.

  1. Cucumber and Egg Breast Mask

You can also make another mask to firm up the skin of the breast area. All you need to do is grind some pieces of cucumber. Add an egg yolk, butter and natural cream to this mixture and then blend well. Let it stay in the fridge overnight. Apply it on your breasts the next morning before taking a bath. After 30 minutes, wash off with cold water. A regular application of this mask will surely tighten your breasts skin. Moreover, it will fade away all the scars you have around that area.

Cucumber is also used in several other beauty products as it is helpful in lightening the skin tone and treating acne. To know more about the beauty benefits of cucumber, click here.

Besides these beauty treatments, every woman should take proper diet and wear the right size of the bra to prevent her breasts from sagging.


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