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Almost every woman dreams of lustrous locks, shining naturally with health and vitality. However, when our hair is exposed to the harsh environment day in and day out, it tends to develop a dull and dry appearance. Developing bad hair now and then is a rather inevitable situation and we all go through such days throughout our life. The key is to maintain a healthy cleansing and conditioning routine for hair, just like we take care of our regular nutritional needs.

While there are many natural herbal remedies for our regular hair routine, Shikakai Oil is the universal choice of almost every herbalist involved in formulating quality hair care remedies. Shikakai Oil is such a popular choice due to the many benefits it offers including cleansing and conditioning. In addition, it provides unmatched nutritional benefits and prevents drying of hair, thus preventing many common conditions of the hair and scalp.

Benefits of Shikakai Oil Owing to its Unique Natural Formulation

Shikakai Oil is one of the most popular cleansers and a long time favorite of many women who believe in natural living or are naturalists. Shikakai Oil cleanses the scalp and hair and applying it overnight, followed by thorough a bath in the morning leaves your hair clean and shiny, unlike any other hair care therapy.

The pH levels in Shikakai Oil  are well suited for the scalp and application of Shikakai Oil on a regular basis does not dry the hair or the scalp. This pH balancing action of Shikakai Oil prevents many uncomfortable conditions of the hair and scalp from developing. The balanced pH in Shikakai Oil conditions hair and keeps them dangle free and helps a create smooth, soft and shiny texture devoid of dry frizzy hair.

Shikakai Oil provides unmatched nourishment to hair through the large amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin D present in the herbal oil extract. This promotes hair growth naturally, making them stronger and thicker even in spite of regular exposure to the chemicals and pollutants present in the environment.

Shikakai Oil, which is extracted through organic means is available to the hair and scalp in its purest form and the action of promoting hair growth by Shikakai Oil is not just at the root level, but also at the glandular level. This unique capability is present naturally in Shikakai Oil owing to its chemical composition. It is this all-encompassing nature of Shikakai Oil for hair care that makes it well known as the “fruit for hair”

The market in hair care products is overwhelming with different formulations of hair strengthening oils featuring Shikakai Oil as the main active ingredient for promotion of hair growth. Shikakai Oil is often combined with a number of other herbs including Neem, Basil, Tea Tree, Amla and Mint. The essential oils of Neem and Amla work in conjunction with other oils to provide unmatched relief from dandruff and related scalp and hair conditions.

Amla when combined with Shikakai Oil is one of the best remedies for reversing hair loss. The goodness of organic Shikakai Oil when combined with organic Amla oil, extracted in its purest form especially for hair care provides double the power of Shikakai Oil. When it comes to strengthening hair, making them lustrous and shiny, cleansing hair and protecting the hair and scalp, organic Shikakai Oil combined with Organic Amla extract work best. A large number of conditions of the hair and scalp including dandruff and itchy, scaly conditions that might be annoying and very hard to get rid of, can be easily resolved entirely through regular use of Shikakai Oil blended with essential herbal oils meant for hair and scalp nourishment.

Hair care experts recommend leaving the Shikakai Oil overnight for it to seep into the scalp and hair roots sufficiently along with other compatible herbs that are available through the formulation. In this way, Shikakai Oil not just strengthens hair but also cleanses, restores moisture and promotes hair growth like no other chemical formulation.

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