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Although Brahmi Oil is an age old tradition, today’s consumers insist on procuring only organic natural Brahmi Oil. This is especially true in an age of duplication and adulteration and consumers particular about achieving maximum benefit from the fantastic healing potential of one of the wonder herbs of Ayurveda must only utilize pure natural and organic Brahmi Oil to successfully heal the body through the immense potential of Brahmi massage therapy.

Traditional Ayurvedic therapy stresses on the use of Brahmi Oil massage on the scalp for at least an hour where the oil is allowed to seep deep into the tissues and hair roots, carrying the true essences of the natural organic healing oil all the way to the brain and the blood stream.

Brahmi is found naturally in the wetlands of the Indian subcontinent and its characteristic whorls in the leaf arrangement are imbued in a number of useful chemical compounds including Alkaloids, Flavonoids and Saponins. When naturally and organically grown Brahmi is treated at licensed facilitiesmaintaining the highest quality standards, care is taken to distill Brahmi Oil without the interference of any environmental pollutants and interim chemicals. Hence the extracted organic Brahmi Oil is extremely powerful in treating a number of conditions, even when the minimal quantity is applied.

Brahmi Oil for the Health, Stimulation and Protection of the Scalp and Hair

The use of Brahmi Oil for long, healthy hair is an age old tradition, and hair care experts recommend the use of Brahmi Oil every night as a head massage therapy. Overtime, Brahmi Oil revitalizes hair roots, prevents split ends from forming and eliminates a number of conditions of the scalp including dandruff, itching, flaking and dryness. When Brahmi Oil is used after warming it, it acts as a stimulant and promotes blood circulation and stimulates the scalp for optimal hair growth.

Due to the cooling effect of Brahmi Oil on the scalp, it helps the head naturally rid itself of excess heat buildup. It de-stresses and relaxes the mind like no other drug or chemical formulation. Even among herbs, Brahmi is one of the most sought after medium that induces complete relaxation of the mind and helps us sleep peacefully, free from nervousness and anxiety.

Brahmi Oil as a Potential Healing Agent for Mental and Nervous Disorders

The effect of Brahmi Oil penetrates deeper than the scalp and permeates in the brain to increase the power of memory and concentration. The action of Brahmi Oil is by way of protecting neurons and promoting the communication between nerve cells. Also, Brahmi Oil promotes the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus area of the brain to enhance the retention of memory and promote the ability to learn and decipher information with ease.

Brahmi Oil helps keep the mind more alert and nourishes the nerves. The effect of Brahmi Oil on the nerves is so profound that even some extreme conditions of the nervous system including epilepsy can be successful treated through regular use of Brahmi Oil. Further, Brahmi Oil can also impart its anti-oxidant and de-stressing properties and ability to maintain optimal levels of Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain, thus help alleviate several age related disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’sand Amnesia.

Brahmi Oil is dramatically helpful in relieving anxiety and stress related conditions that affect the overall functioning of the brain and nerves. Brahmi Oil works its way through several stress triggering regions, neural synapses and chemical secretions to reduce stress levels and promote optimal communication between brain cells. This helps clear thoughts and calm down the nerves to promote cognitive and memory boosting function naturally while also eliminating chances of developing any chronic disorders of the brain. As a complete and gentle solution to all scalp and mind related problems, Brahmi Oil is one of the most preferred choice for complete head massage due to the virtually absent side effects.

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