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Right from their adolescence, women have a natural liking towards cosmetics. Right from lipsticks to facial powders, one can find at least one of these cosmetics in the handbag of a woman. These cosmetics add more beauty to the women. Be it any occasion, cosmetics have always come to the aid of women. Be it for the casual wear or for dressing up for some occasion, cosmetics have helped women to dress better.

Lipsticks have a natural choice among women when they try to highlight their lips more. For their choice and also based on their liking, there are various shades of lipsticks available in the market. These lipsticks go along with any dress that they wear or for any occasion that they have to attend. To say, some women do not leave their house without a hint of lipstick. There are so many shades, completely unimaginable, of these lipsticks available in the market. But a general concern rose, when cases due to toxicity by lipsticks started to do the rounds.

Mineral lipsticks or the lipsticks that contained chemicals as base for enhancing the colour and the texture started to produce toxicity to the women who wore it. There were cases of lips chapping after wearing the lipstick and in some cases, the toxins accumulated and led to cancer in few women. People wanted a complete ban on these products though these still had necessity in many fields of work.

After much research and finding, organic lipsticks sought their way into the market. These ranges of lipsticks were made from pure natural extracts and they were devoid of any sort of chemicals that were present in the previous range of lipsticks. Women who moved to these were able to find a difference from the mineral lipsticks. These organic or the natural lipsticks showed far better results when compared to their mineral counterparts.

  • Since all the ingredients were derived from organic plants, the phytonutrients in them proved to be effective.
  • There was the elimination of the skin chapping or flaking.
  • Exposure to carcinogenic components and other toxins got reduced by a big deal.
  • Chemical accumulation was prevented and these did not have any side effects.

Joy by Nature has an exciting range of organic lipsticks that comes in various colours. These are tested and are completely made from organic produces.

Royal Pink

The perfect colour to any of the big occasion, this Soultree Organic Lipstick is filled with the sweet essence of honey along with the essence of rose and almond oil. The lipstick packs in ayurvedic care along with the moisturised look that it gives to the lips.

Wild Honey

Having the hue of the sweet nectar and filled with the essence of rose petals and honey, the Wild Honey shade gives the wearer accentuating lips that are sure to turn heads.

Elemental bronze

This shade goes along with almost all types of dresses. The hue is sure to make a fashion statement of its own when it is worn to some gala functions.

Rich Earth

Perfect for the down to earth look, the Rich Earth gives an earthy effect to the wearer. Mixing it up with some evening dress and the person is sure to have fun.

Vermillon Rush

The shade is absolutely apt for the ultimate girl next door look. The shade looks good with a summer dress. One can feel the rush after wearing the hue and nothing can stop them from having their day.

Sienna Glow

This is a must wear when the woman thinks about wearing a saree for the night out. This vibrant hue embraces the feminine side like no other and oozes of pure elegance.

There are more vibrant shades of organic lipsticks available, which are completely free from the fats obtained from the animals that are used as the base for the mineral lipsticks. Check out here for more.


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