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When was the last time you applied moisturizer on your face? Probably this morning, after you washed up, or maybe you gave your face an added shot of moisture with a boost in the afternoon, you might even have a specialized night cream. Now when was the last time you applied moisturizer on your hands? Hands, you say. They get moisturized when I apply it on my face, and the rest of my body don’t they? Not really.

Your hands let you live your life, do all the work, and are multipurpose tools that hardly ever take rest. The skin on your hand is very delicate and requires specialized care just as much as the skin on your face. Use a good quality Organic hand cream with sunscreen to ensure that your hands are given just as much care as you give to your face. In the winters, take special care to ensure that moisturizers are used on the hands as they are the parts of your body that are most exposed to the harsh weather and, therefore, more prone to damage.

5 magical organic hand creams

Even if you have been neglecting your hands all your life, there’s nothing to fear. Start using organic hand creams now and you’ll soon see the difference. Here are the top 5 hand creams that you should try right now:

  1. Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream by Khadi

This soothing organic hand cream has the double moisturizing action of milk and shea butter to give you smooth hands with baby soft skin. It also helps to soften dry and rough cuticles with its efficient moisturizing properties imparted by shea butter and helps to develop a neat cuticle line if supplemented with proper care. The saffron and milk also help to strengthen nails and prevent chipping and breaking of nails. This product is also entirely free of SLS and paraben.


  1. Apricot Hand Cream by SOS Organics

Combining the intriguing aromas of apricot oil, lavender, cedar wood and ylang-ylang in a base of beeswax, this hand cream by SOS Organics is the one of the best Organic hand creams available in the market. It is ideal for use on oily skin as well as skin that has a combination of skin types and has excellent nourishing, enriching and healing properties imparted by the presence of beeswax and apricot essential oil. It is ideal for healing cracked, dry skin and helping to maintain smooth, supple skin.


  1. Almond Oil and Grape Extracts Nourishing Cream by Sattvik

The light and gentle, nourishing hand cream by Sattvik that combines the strength of Almond oil and Grape extracts to create a non-greasy formulation is ideal for the treatment of dry, chapped hands by providing deep hydration. The antioxidant properties of grape extracts working with the nourishing almond oil aids skin renewal and regrowth. This deeply nourishing cream is ideal for eliminating signs of aging from your delicate hands.


  1. Cool Cucumber Hand Cream by Nyassa

Bringing together the nourishing and moisturizing powers of kokum butter, cucumber extract, sesame oil and olive oil, the Cool Cucumber Hand Cream by Nyassa is the ideal formulation to help rejuvenate skin tissue and keep your hands young and healthy. Cucumber extract is a powerful ingredient in keeping your skin soft and also helps in preventing the skin from becoming dehydrated and dry. This cream is also free of SLS, SLES, and Parabens.


  1. Kokum Butter Hand Cream by Iraya

A naturally occurring butter that is ideal for the regeneration of skin cells that have lost their moisture content and have become dry and cracked, Kokum butter is an active ingredient in this wonderful hand cream by Iraya. The potent combination of almond oil and sesame oil works with the kokum butter to act as an effective moisturizing agent against dry, peeling skin. The regular use of this completely natural cream that is free of all parabens, SLS, SLES and artificial coloring, will ensure that you will have baby soft, beautiful hands once and for all.

If you have been neglecting to moisturize your hands all this while, don’t worry. The damages can be reversed in no time at all with the regular application of these magical organic hand creams. Begin your hand moisturizing routine today!


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