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Unwanted hair on the body is every girl’s problem. They use razors and creams to remove them. Some even resort to laser treatment for permanent removal of hair. However, waxing is the most popular way to which women resort to for removing unwanted hair. This vey process of waxing is undoubtedly very painful. But there are several positive outcomes of it. The process helps in curing sun tans and ugly masks. It also removes the layer f dead skin cells, thus making your skin look younger and radiant. However, not every skin gets acclimatized with the waxing process. Some women suffer from burning sensation, some show little blisters while most of them face the problem of rashes and redness. However, there are several home remedies, which can help in curing these post-waxing rashes. Read on to know more about these remedies.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a multitasking beauty ingredient. It not only soothes irritation and redness but also keep the skin hydrated. To use it, scoop out some aloe vera gel from its leaf and then refrigerate it until cool. Apply this cool aloe vera gel on your skin to heal rashes and skin irritation.

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  1. Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oils

Both vitamin E tea tree oils are really effective for treating rashes and burns. They also soothe skin irritation and further help the skin heal quickly. Just apply vitamin E tea tree oils on your skin for quick relief. Besides, you can pop a vitamin E pills as well. Both these oils are known to possess nourishing properties.

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  1. Cold Water or Ice

When you wax hose unwanted hair, the closed pores of the skin open up, which further cause redness and skin irritation. To sooth these pores, just use a cols washcloth. Dip a soft washcloth in cold water and apply on your skin. Besides, you can also wrap an ice cube in a washcloth for application. This remedy will instantly provide you relief from rashes, redness and skin irritation.

  1. Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is known to possess healing properties. Therefore, it is used for treating skin irritation. When applied to the skin, it soothes the skin and provides relief from the pain. Besides, it also provides hydration to the skin and heals scars. Just dab some grape seed oil on your rashes and massage gently.

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  1. Dead Sea salt

If your skin is prone to infection after a session of waxing, dead sea salt is a great home remedy.  This sea salt not only prevents infection but acts as a healing agent as well. Mix this salt in some water and wash your waxed skin with it to avoid any infection or rashes. It also keeps infection-causing bacteria at bay.

  1. Topical Ointment

Till now we have mentioned above several products, which help in easing skin irritation and reducing rash scars after a waxing session. But topical ointment is applied on the skin for speeding the healing process after waxing. It contains polymyxin B sulfate like bacitracin zinc, and Neosporin, which promote healing and keep all the infection-causing bacteria away. This is basically an anti-bacterial ointment.

To use it, wash your hands properly and then, apply this ointment on your skin. You need not massage it on your waxed skin. Do it at least three times in a day for quick healing.

  1. Avoid Chlorine

Experts suggest the one should avoid coming in contact with chlorine after a waxing session. It is so because chlorine can cause skin redness and rashes. Generally swimming pools contain chlorinated water, so skip your swimming classes for a day. You have to stay away from this chemical for a minimum of 24 hours.



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