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There’s a lot of things that go into the protecting and growth of your hair. You’ll see a million different products and a million different techniques as to how to make your hair silky smooth and shiny. Many of these work and it’s to the benefit of the individual that he or she has so much choice at their disposal.

Two aggravating factor in hair maintenance is that many people are born with uncooperative hair, and that hair care is an ongoing process that must necessarily be breakless; these two together make making your hair the best it can be a tiring task. A little slack in your efforts to take care of it and you shall see signs of the old state returning.

One way to fortify your hair against damage and degradation, and strengthen it, is through your diet. You might be surprised to know this, but your diet can impact the condition of your hair, just like it can impact almost every other aspect of your body.

  1. Protein

Hair is mostly protein, so it makes sense that you should have your intake of protein to keep it healthy. Protein is needed for the hair to grow properly. A lack of it can lead to thin, damaged and weak hair, which falls easily and simply gives a lacklustre appearance.

There exist many natural homemade remedies that treat the hair for its lack in protein. These protein treatment pastes and oils are widely available on the internet, so consider looking for some. As for diet, include high protein foods in your plan. Dals and kidney beans, or Rajma, are good choices.

  1. Vitamin A

More than a few vitamins, as we shall see, are necessary for the hair to look its best. Vitamin A plays its part in hair maintenance by producing sebum, which is the oily substance which naturally keeps the hair moistened and smooth. A lack of sebum, for whatever reasons, leads to dry and frizzy hair. This is where Vitamin A comes in: it stimulates the production of sebum, which keeps the hair nice and moistened.

Your mother’s recommendation of carrots and sweet potatoes is what’s needed here. Eat your Beta-Carotene rich foods and your hair will not be as dry.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a substance that protects the body and repairs any damage to it. You can readily imagine how important it must be to the repair of damaged hair (which is a fairly common problem.)

You can find your vitamin E answers in many nuts, including Almonds, and oils like the sunflower oil.


The hair needs, like everything, needs blood to function properly. If your roots don’t get enough blood, say because your suffer from anaemia, an illness caused by insufficient iron in the blood, then your hair begins experiencing problems. In this case, falling out.

It is therefore important that you eat iron rich foods to raise your iron levels. You can do this through your natural diet, such as in foods like spinach and beans, or through supplements.

  1. Omega 3s

Omega 3 fatty acids are present in the hair and they help keep the hair moist and healthy. Your body needs its omega 3s from external sources so you need to have a diet which includes the substance.

You can opt for supplements or natural foods like Flaxseed.

We recommend including the ingredients rich in the substances mentioned above in your diet. This is a strong supplement to any other techniques you might be employing to strengthen your hair. It goes without saying that shampoo, conditioner and oil you use is pivotal to the outcome of your hair. The choices for this last group can vary from individual to individual, so don’t be frustrated if your hair isn’t blooming as quickly as you like. Sooner or later, you’ll find products that suit your hair. In the meantime, follow a diet which includes the above. The results will appear in due time.



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