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Using hair conditioners has become important these days for better hair and scalp health. Hair conditioners help to repair the damage caused to the hair because of several reasons. The hair gets exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, dirt, pollutants and several other harmful substances daily. The use of hair styling products and other chemically loaded products also leads to damage of the hair leading to problems like hair fall, split ends, dandruff and other scalp infections. The use of hair conditioners helps to prevent and overcome all such problems. Hair conditioners nourish the hair and provide the hair with the required vitamins and proteins that keep the hair strong and shining. The use of hair conditioners adds a natural glow to the hair. The application of hair conditioners also prevents dryness and frizziness of the hair.

There are several hair conditioners which are commercially available but most of these are loaded with chemicals apart from natural products. The chemicals added to these hair conditioners do not do anything good for the hair and may cause further damage of the hair. It is thus best to use natural hair conditioners which can be easily made at home as well. One of the main advantages of the home-made natural hair conditioners is the fact that these can be used without having to worry about any harmful or adverse effects on the hair.


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The following are a few home-made hair conditioners that can be tried on all hair types:

  • Banana, honey and olive oil conditioner: Mixing banana, honey and olive oil together acts as the best natural conditioner for the hair. The use of this conditioner leaves the hair soft and smooth. Olive oil can penetrate deep into the hair and thus moisturize the hair from within. Banana helps to reduce shrinkage of the hair. The hair conditioner prevents problems like hair fall and dryness of hair. This home-made conditioner can be used once a well for the best results.

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  • Egg, yoghurt and mayonnaise conditioner: Eggs contain vitamins and proteins which increase the natural oils of the scalp thereby reducing problems like itchy scalp as well as dandruff. The use of eggs also prevents hair fall. Yoghurt renders the hair soft and shining. This conditioner is one of the best conditioners to prevent hair fall and treat damaged hair. This conditioner can be used twice a week for best results.


  • Coconut oil and honey conditioner: Coconut hair prevents greying of hair and gives the hair its natural color back. The coconut oil and honey conditioner is the best conditioner that can be used for dry hair. Honey keeps the hair moisturized. Coconut oil and honey together strengthen the hair follicles and so prevent the problem of hair fall. This home- made conditioner can be used twice or thrice a week for effective results.

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  • Cinnamon, honey and milk conditioner: This conditioner adds moisture, gloss and volume to the hair. The use of cinnamon in this conditioner increases blood circulation to the scalp and therefore helps to get a stronger and healthier scalp. This further helps to strengthen the hair from the roots and prevents hair fall. Milk and honey keep the hair nourished and prevent keratin loss.


  • Orange, yoghurt and coconut milk conditioner: This is a natural conditioner that prevents hair fall and problems like dandruff. Orange has natural conditioning properties and a lot of Vitamin C. The use of orange in this conditioner keeps the hair soft, shining and strong. It also prevents hair fall, breakage of hair and stimulates growth of hair. Coconut milk contains Vitamin E that moisturizes and nourishes the hair. Yoghurt is a natural conditioner that prevents hair from damage.


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  • Shea butter and Vitamin E conditioner: Shea butter is known for its nourishing and hydrating properties. The shea butter and Vitamin E conditioner is a perfect remedy for split ends and also to prevent damage of the hair. The use of this conditioner keeps the hair nourished and hydrated and gives it a natural glow and shine.


  • Mint and tea conditioner: This conditioner works best for oily hair. The minerals and vitamins present in the tea helps to strengthen the hair and also render it smooth. Mint helps in cooling the scalp and thus prevents several scalp infections.

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