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Most shoppers look out for organic and nature based food products to include in their daily diet. Your hair also need some diet to be nourished into beautiful and lustrous mane. Natural, chemical free and herbal hair products are a great way to say hello to healthy hair. Markets are full with and supermarkets have separate sections for herbal hair products these days. This clearly speaks of the numerous products available in the market today. Skin acre and hair care researchers are devoting time effort and money to bring out new and better herbal hair products which can make your skin and hair look good and stay healthy at the same time.

Lustrous hair is a dream of all be it men or women. Hair care is not gender specific but need based. Some people dye their hair to cover up grey hair some do it as a fashion streak and other don’t do it at all. All treatments and all products you use for your hair just don’t stay on your hair but also get absorbed by your scalp. So being conscious of what you use is a smart way of gaining healthy hair. Herbal treatment for hair especially herbal hair dyes and herbal shampoos are gaining momentum and speed in buyer’s market today because of the many benefits associated with their use.

  1. Non-synthetic in nature and composition: Herbal hair care products be it hair dyes or herbal shampoos, conditioners or even masks or packs for your hair are all made form ingredients drawn from our very own Mother Nature. All these products thus have a pampering, soothing and rejuvenating effect on the health of our hair. There chemical free composition makes place for adding essential oils, herb extracts, flower extracts and many other useful natural ingredients which make them all the more benefitting, fruitful and necessary for healthy hair.
  2. Inside beauty is more essential: Herbal hair care products provide shine and strength to you hair. They act as food needed to stimulate growth and boost health of the hair while also accomplishing the cosmetic effect especially in case of hair dyes.
  3. Safety index is wide for herbal hair products: Everyone can use herbal hair care products. Its natural ingredients or let say non-chemical ingredients don’t cause side effects or allergies of any kind. Repeated or frequent use should also not be feared because all its components benefit even when absorbed into the skin. People with sensitive skin type or allergic to specific chemicals can also be sure of complete safety of their hair and scalp while using any type of herbal hair products for their hair.
  4. Soothing effect: Some chemical ingredients present in hair dyes (especially ammonia and peroxide) or shampoos and conditioners are not safe for babies or for pregnant women. Absorption of such chemicals from skin into the blood has been warned to have negative and ill effects for overall health of skin and hair. On the other hand herbal dyes, shampoos and all other herbal hair care products have ingredients coming directly from Mother Nature and thus pamper your skin and hair the same way as a mother would. These are completely safe for use by kids, elderly and even during pregnancy.
  5. Go green: Like for other chemical based products, manufacture and use of synthetic hair care products releases loads of chemicals into the environment. These products harm the environment mostly because of their non-biodegradable nature. Herbal hair products on other hand are safe for environment because be it their manufacturing process or the disposal of waste generated upon their use both prove non-toxic and harmless for the environment. So use of herbal hair products adds a feel good factor also when you know you are not harming your ecosystem.
  6. Green ingredient list of herbal hair products: Some chemicals like peroxides, PPD etc. are readily absorbed into the skin and have been tested to have carcinogenic effects for the skin. This aspect is not at all true with herbal hair products. Be it shampoos or hair dyes herbal hair products have ingredients which are known to boost growth of the follicles. Essential oils which are most common ingredient of these products make hair silky by hydrating them along with other herb extracts which work to stimulate growth of new hair.

In all herbal hair care products help you pamper your hair in the most safe, healthy, eco-friendly and risk free manner. These products offer to be a complete package of goodness, health and beauty for your hair.


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