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Hair dyes have always been in fashion and always be. Their use generally results form need to hide grey hair or even for cosmetic reasons. Chemicals like PPD and PTD added as important components to hair dyes put their use in a questionable zone. These chemicals along with ammonia which is again a major and unavoidable component of almost all hair dyes have been tested to result in allergic reaction and promoting other damaging effects on cellular level after being absorbed by the scalp.

In today’s world where people are becoming more and more conscious about their health herbal product manufacturers have also been successful in launching effective herbal or biological alternatives for chemical hair dyes. These products are completely natural in origin and composition and have been thoroughly tested for their safety index as well. Thus bio hair colours or herbal hair dyes offer to be safe and natural way to keep hair healthy and lustrous while avoiding application of harmful ingredients onto your skin and hair.

Why should one use Bio hair colour?

  1. Love your skin: You protect and care for those you love. So go green with herbal hair dyes and show more love for your hair. With ingredients extracted from nature, bio hair colours or herbal hair dyes prove much safer and friendly for human skin when compared to chemical or synthetic products.
  2. For happy scalp: Your skin enjoys when treated in a soothing and tender manner. Herbal dyes are far gentler on skin and scalp because they lack any synthetic or chemical ingredients that cause harm. Even when absorbed they do good for the skin rather than bad.
  3. Healthy hair is beautiful hair: Herbal or bio colours assure to keep your hair follicles and roots healthy rather than just colouring the protein thread your hair are. The natural ingredients of these herbal hair dyes add nutrients essential to promote well-being of the roots. They have proven to make hair silky as well.
  4. All time safety guaranteed: Herbal hair dyes are safe for use by adults, elderly men and women and even pregnant mothers. None of the ingredients in these dyes have been marked to have any kind of side effects or ill effects for pregnant ladies or elderly people (old age is equal to soft and tender skin) or even people with hypersensitive skin Allergies due to high ammonia content or peroxide present in chemical hair dyes is a major concern people have with chemical hair dyes.
  5. Frequency is not a setback but a benefit: Herbal hair dyes provide non-permanent colouring effect for hair which last only for maximum a month. This is true for all hair dyes. While frequent application of chemical based formulas would mean adding more and more toxin to your skin and blood, frequent application of bio hair colour would be nothing bothersome. Herbal hair dyes have essential oils which work to hydrate your hair and promote healthy growth.

The list of benefits associated with herbal hair dyes does not end with above. Using herbal hair dyes does not limit the colour option either. Many variants and colours of bio hair colour are available to choose and try from. Make your hair look gorgeous with herbal hair dyes while not compromising on their health. Ease of application or procedure of use does not change much when you switch products. On brighter side prolonged application or over application or frequent use of herbal or bio colours would not have hypersensitivity reactions on the skin as in case of chemical dyes.

Something which is healthy inside looks beautiful outside. The same applies to your hair. Love and protect them against harsh chemicals by opting for bio hair colour options.


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