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Which is the most important thing which is most important for your face? It a facewash!

 We’ve been taught that washing your face twice a day is a must for a good skin. There are numerous facewash and face cleansers available online and in the market. How can you make a wise choice with so many false promises around?


Find out for yourself what your require in a good face wash.


Why do we need a facewash?


We are surrounded by dirt, debris, oil and makeup all around us. It is important to clean our skin so that there is no clogging of the skin pores which keeps your complexion clear and skin healthy.


Are all face wash same?


Not all skin type is same hence all face washes are created differently. You must always use face wash according to your skin type:


For oily skin: the best face wash for oily skin are the gel washes or oil free washes easily available in the market. The ost important ingredient in your face wash should be salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which are acne fighting agents. Look for a facewash that has jojoba in it, it heals acne and is good for oily skin.

For dry and mature skin: look for a facewash which is creamy rather than lathery. It must contain higher quantity of oil, emollients and water. Look for a face wash which contains glycerine, rose which are natural humectants. Humectants are substances which draws moisture towards the surface which is a must for a dry skin.


For sensitive skin: avoid facewash which contain alcohol, look for glycerine based face wash as glycerine helps in the cell development. Avoid exfoliants in your face wash as they can be abrase the tender skin cells.


Combination skin: to pick up a face wash for this kind of skin type is very tricky as you must use a facewash that’s neither too dry nor very greasy. Look for face wash that conatins thyme oil, tea tree oil or aloe vera.

What to do if you have acne?

If you are prone to acne you must be careful while choosing your face wash. You must use a face wash that can wash off bacterial growth and oil pockets which gets clogged in hair follicles. Your face wash should be free of exfoliants and should be slightly harder to remove bacterial growth and dirt. The best face wash to look for is which is dermatologist recommended.

How about about a home made face wash?

Many people are sceptical about using strong chemicals on their skin. They prefer homemade products which are easily available at home. So here are few products which helps you to cleanse your skin.

Honey and curd:

In just two to three minutes you can get right toning and moisturizing by using this wonderful pack. Two teaspoon of curd mixed with one teaspoon of organic honey. This is a very effective cleanser. In case you have very dry skin add one teaspoon of olive oil to this mixture.

Egg and honey

Add a teaspoon of organic honey to an egg yolk and stir it well. Make a paste of 6 to 7 almonds and add to this mixture. Keep the mixture on your face for 15 minutes and you will get a smooth face with instant glow.

Apple and cream cleanser

Take one teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of cream and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Add a medium sided boiled and mashed apple to this mixture. Keep this pack on your face for 5 minutes and then rinse it off with luke warm water.

Strawberry and yogurt cleanser

Blend two fresh strawberries in two teaspoon of fresh yogurt. Apply this puree all over your face for 5 minutes. This cleanser is good for very oily skin as it removes oil pockets from the skin.

Honey and milk cleanser

Take 2 teaspoon of raw milk and add 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Massage this mixture all over your face. This works as an amazing homemade face cleanser.

The whole idea behind the above discussion was to give a variety of choice between various face washes available in the market and ones which you can prepare at your home. Choice is yours but regularly wash your face twice a day for that glowing and healthy skin.

For information on face wash and other face products derived from the above discussed click here.


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