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Have you recently lost all hopes of fitting into your college denims? Do not give up so fast without reading these tips. I am sure you will gradually move from  XS.

 Here are few tips for all of you who want to shed those extra pounds:

 King size breakfast

 If you are skipping breakfast you are doing a crime. Missing breakfast means missing your essential nutrients. Start your day with healthy breakfast  this will curb your hunger throughout the day. Go for cereals and fibre rich food.

 Take regular meals

 Regular meals means building your metabolism which will result in slowly burning all the fat deposits in your body.

 Veggies and fruits

 Veggies and fruits are rich in fibre and low in calories this is the mantra for the weight loss program. You also get added vitamins and minerals which are essential for your body.



Regular activity


Stay active throughout the day. Pick up a sport or start walking to burn extra calories.


Water therapy


Don’t confuse thirst with hunger, you will end up gaining calories when a glass of water is all you need.


High fibre food


Look for high fibre food like brown rice, oats, multigrain bread, beans and lentils.



Use your food label as your guide


Always make it a habit to read your food labels. This way you can keep a check on amount of fats and sugars your are consuming.


Eat in a smaller plate


At times it’s just the eye and not the stomach which is hungry. Eating in a smaller plate and bowl gradually shifts you in taking smaller helpings.


Don’t devoid yourself


Do not ban any foods which you love. It will end up increasing your craving for them occasionally treat yourself with your favourite foods.


Avoid Junk temptation


Junk food is loaded with oil and fat. It aggravates your hunger pangs and forces you to indulge into more eating. Stock up healthy snacks like fruits, unsalted rice cakes or unsweetened popcorn instead of junk.


Reduce your drinking habit


Try to cut down on alcohol as it infuses too many calories inside your body. A glass of wine has as many calories as in a chocolate piece whereas a pint of beer has calories as in a packet of rice crisps. Choose your drink intelligently.


Count your calories


Plant your meals for the entire week so that you do not take more calories as per your body requirement. Stuff in your kitchen with items that are low in calorie count.


Always keep a handy weighing machine


Keep checking your weight, when you see your weight going down in the scale, it gives a lot of motivation to lose some more.


Weight loss support group


Look for an online weight loss buddy. They guide you about all kinds of diet programs  and exercises. It’s a great motivation at times when you feel low and lack inspiration.


Water is all you need


After breakfast stick to water. We tend to over eat and by the time we reach lunch hour we pile our body with extra calories.


A self fulfilling prophecy


Look for a Mantra that motivates you and energizes you to shed those extra pounds. “ I can lose weight” or may be “I have to get that size zero”. Keep thinking about it and repeat it on and off so that you are in your get set go mode.


One less each day


Try to squeeze out may be an extra bite from your food or an extra glass of juice. This can do wonders for you. Slowly and seldom you will be able to shed some pounds.


Less TV means less eating


According to a survey report people who watch a lot of television ends up eating more. Try to sacrifice an hour from your television time.


Do some washing

 Every week wash something! This can be a few clothes. May be your window panes. Scrubbing your floor or your bathroom tile. This can make hell lot of difference.


Only eat when you are really hungry. Remember hunger is just a state of mind. Find other means to distract your mind may be a walk, some gardening or else sleep.


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