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Summer is on head and it’s time to fun and enjoy. Being in direct contact of sun can cause severe skin problems, reason being while enjoying in sun some people usually forgets to take care of skin. This is the main cause of tanned face and epidermis. Also this may lead to rashes and premature skin aging. Though sunlight is very beneficial for us but on counterpart it has some harsh effects too. It increases the production of melanin compounds in our body that results acute tanning. There are many sunscreens and sun blocks available in market promising to provide total protection from this, but only few of them are effective. And even others can cause severe damage to our skin, so it is better to go for natural remedies and therapies.

Environmental Working Group in a report (2012) said:

“Consumers should not purchase sunscreens with SPF greater than 50. SPF (sun protection factor) works by absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun’s rays on the skin. It is very misleading to put high SPF numbers on labels because it gives consumers a false sense of security and doesn’t offer a lot more protection.”

Well we have mentioned some best herbal tips and techniques for you that helps to fight with tan.

  • Cucumber and rose
  • Yougurt
  • Papaya
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Coconut
  • Tomato
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sandalwood

Lemon, cucumber, tomato and rose

These all work great in removing tanning and it is a tested fact. Lemon is effective in getting rid of tan and clearing the skin. These provide moisture to skin and works well as a natural bleaching agent. You can prepare masks or face pack for your skin. Take a bowl and prepare a homogenous mixture by adding lemon, tomato and rose water to it. Apply this pack to your skin for 20 minutes and wash it later.

Honey and lemon face pack

Face pack prepared with lemon and honey could also be very effective. Lemon bleaches the skin well and honey is good in nourishing our skin well. Squeeze lemon and honey in a bowl and you can add some additives to make it more effective. Applying this to the affected and burned area will provide instant relief and also will decrease the redness and itching from skin. This will make your skin glowing and will reduce the effect of sunrays.


Coconut is having many beneficial properties and is rich in nutrition. Though sunlight provides vitamin D, coconut oil blocks the rays, along with this it helps our skin to absorb vitamin D. it aids to sooth our skin and nourishes it well. Using coconut oil on regular basis will make you a new you as this also heals discoloration and removes the tanning too.

Sandalwood pack

Sandalwood is being used for skin care since ancient ages and this really has miraculous properties. It calms skin and provides a soothing effect. Preparing a mask with sandalwood (chandan) is very easy; you just need to mix it with rose water and prepare a consistent mixture. This helps healing pigmentation and sunburns and also this works like armor for skin.

                               Ditch the toxic and treat your skin naturally.

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