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Madhuri Dixit, the well renowned and elegant actress of Bollywood, once upon, she spelt out the importance of hair & its treatment. According to her, “I follow the old wives’ tale where oiling hair is considered good. Mix olive oil and castor oil in equal proportions and apply it on my hair & scalp for the best results.”

Everyone is desirous of having an exotically lustrous hair; but most frequently, we, having taken some feedback, start going with some chemically manufactured products and later on that result totally negative. Therefore, it is scientifically advised to choose organic products to get the optimum benefit. The Natural shampoos is the only guarantee that will ensure healthy & lustrous hair.

Tips for having Good Hair are: 

  • Always use the organic shampoo to clean the hair.
  • The oiling of hair with natural oil will boost the hair growth.
  • Good natural conditioner after washing the hair with shampoo.
  • Eating dry fruits regularly will add nutrients to your hair.

Tips to get a Lustrous Hair:

  • Cleanliness is Important: Ensuring that your hair is free from any kind of dandruff or other scalp infections, one should always go with natural shampoo to remove all kind of foreign particles that get stuck to your hair. One thing should be kept in mind that hot water should be avoided “as they make the hair dry & eventually into breakage.”
  • Homemade Conditioner: To get an expected outcome pertaining to hair, a natural conditioner can be made, “just by mixing two eggs with one cup of yogurt & a teaspoon of gram flour”, mix all these ingredients properly & apply it onto your scalp for next ten minutes. Later on, rinse your hair & experience shiny and exotic look.

  • Strong Hair: The Almond oil has always been considered as the best treatment for hair. One has to just pour two spoons of Almond oil in a small bowl, and then heat it up mildly, then after apply the warm oil evenly from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Soon you will get a good shine on hair by mean of this procedure.

  • Protection from Sun: Sun heat is always considered bad for the hair. The direct sunlight absorbs the moisture from hair & makes it dry & rough. So, to overcome this problem, one should mix ½ cup of honey, ½ spoon of olive oil, ½ spoon of egg yolk, apply this mixture on your scalp for ten minutes & then rinse it with lukewarm water. This mentioned procedure will bring you a new rejuvenation with a shiny look.


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