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In an interview of aesthetician Christopher Watt with New Beauty, “Cameron Diaz said that her skin requires diligent care because of her acneic complexion. She's conscious of it and goes to great measures to handle and correct it with creams”.

Having a glowing and exotic look is everyone’s inclination, but sometimes we don’t care our skin much and later on that results several issues, such as pigmentation, scars, wrinkles and so on. We should always opt for organic products for our skin treatment.  The main motive of using natural sunscreen is that there are no chemical substances involved in the making of the product.

Some amazing benefits of using organic skin care products are:

  • All the products are earth friendly.
  • They don’t cause any type of skin irritation to the skin.
  • These natural skin products don’t have any kind of side effects on the skin.
  • These amazing products have long lasting benefits on the various skin types.

The following tips to reduce Skin-Inflammation are:

  • Natural Exfoliation Mask: Many times I have witnessed that women do get attracted by the modern forms of skin-care products. The problem with this is that chemical agents like ‘Clarisonic’ which has been believed to cause to damage to most of the skin-types. The benefit of using a natural facial scrub is that the skin does not get any types of abrasions. Moreover, these agents help to peel the dead skin & fill the pores of the skin with the good nutrients.

  • Turmeric Paste: This is one of the chronic and most effective skin-care treatments. It is very easy to prepare, “one just have to add 2 to 3 spoons of turmeric with 1 cup of water, layer of cream taken from fresh milk & 2 spoons of Honey, then mix the ingredients properly”, later on apply it on face for next 15 minutes. The repetition of this will promote the fairness level and remove scars.

  • Taking of Natural Supplements: Normally the problem of Acne occurs, if the body is lacking in certain types of Nutrients or Vitamins in the body. So the intake of Organic Supplements which can replenish the skin with Antioxidants like- Reseveratrol, Omega Fatty Acids. So after consulting the doctor take proper doses of it to get rid of all skin related problems.


  • Natural Moisturizer: Basically, by seeing some of the advertisements we start using chemically manufactured products, and later on it causes dried and rough skin. Thereby, it is suggested all to go through some of the best moisturizers that have natural extracts like- Neem, Aloe-Vera, Honey, Sandalwood etc. The moment you will apply these types of moisturizers, you will get a soothing & pleasant feeling.

         Acne is small irregularities of the skin, but they can deflate with proper care.


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