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Susan Evans, M.D., a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist. “That’s why she’s really serious about her skin.” But that doesn’t mean Hollywood types always rely on help from a syringe to prep for photo ops. “My celebrities are moving away from fillers and cosmetic procedures that are too obvious.” 

 The use of Natural Health tips will help you to remain cool & healthy this summer. All sorts of tips might fall flat when the sun is shining at around 45 degrees. With the advent of summer, there are numerous things that get attached to it automatically, like Hair, Skin, diet etc. The pure natural skin care products is the ideal solution even the food that we consume plays a very big role in shaping the way we live during this hot weather.

So I have chalked out some tips by which it will become easier to face the sun:

Include Diet of Natural Elements:

Many people blindly follow the health regimes, without realizing that it is not a substitute of food. It is taken to give more boosts to the body, by giving it the strength to fight stress & chemical pollutants. This Organic Supplements like Coffee Bean Extract will also help you in combating Digestion Problem. I can confidently say that numerous people take some syrup or capsule to tackle the stomach problem. So you don’t have to bombard your stomach with such kinds of heavy loaded chemicals. All supplements have some specific role to play, one just have to monitor their own need by consulting a good Physician.

Lowers the body temperature internally:  

During summer months our body perspires a lot, which results in loss of water content in our body. So, one has to replenish it with adequate quantity of liquid portion. But there is one catch, most of the people advice to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Gulping of natural Juices will also be effective, firstly for all the nutrients that are available in it & secondly the glucose presence will keep you active. So try Mango Juice with Aloe Vera extract, which is very refreshing & good for health.

Preventing the skin from seeding redness:

Skin acts as a barrier between the outer & inner parts of the body. So we should take proper care of our skin it by applying pure sunscreen lotions, moisturizers and Skin Serums. A proper amount of SPF content should be present in these products otherwise all the planning will go in vain. The best way to get the positive outcome can be achieved if you apply the organic sunscreen lotion, 10 to 15 minutes before venturing out.

Drinking Organic Tea:

One of the best & easy ways to beat heat is to drink minimum two cups of Herbal Tea. Since, ancient times drinking tea has always been considered a very good habit. People of China & Japan drinks tea in a very traditional way. Even in India it is followed in a customary manner. The 4th position of India as a Tea producer speaks volumes about our consumption. But with the correct imparting of knowledge & drinking of natural tea like – Peppermint, Green Tea, Lemon Tea & Flower, Herbal Tea will be of great help to the body. This consumption of Pure Tea gives nourishment to the skin & keeps the body temperature low.

The daily use of the organic sunscreen lotions is one of the safest methods of protecting your skin. With these products your tender skin will not lose its softness & radiance. So do try out these amazing products to ensure that your loved ones don’t stop complimenting you about your good skin tone.

                 Maintain the tenderness in the skin & let your loved ones drool over it.


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