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"I use omega-3 oil. I love light oil on my skin. It's one of my favorite feelings in the world."-Gwyneth Paltrow

Everyone wants to have a glowing and fairer skin. There are many natural remedies that have been used since ancient times to make skin radiant and improving skin complexion. Fair skin can get severely damaged  by sun exposure, you need to worry about it but this could be dealt easily by following some natural and easy steps. There could be many reasons behind your dull & tanned skin. Proper dieting, care and some herbal supplements available in market that can get you  flawless skin. Let us see what is going to help you:

Few tips for you:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Drink plenty of water and juice
  • Eat fresh vegetable and fruits
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Keep your skin toned and cleansed
  • Have a proper sleep
  • Stay stress free
  • Use natural face masks to nourish your skin
  • Herbal supplements


Turmeric is having great antiseptic properties and is much helpful in providing a glowing and fairer skin. It has been used to make skin fairer since ages and also this has many other properties too. You can prepare a face mask by mixing it with curd and apply this to your face. Wash it after half an hour and you will experience a glowing change in your skin tone. You can use this face pack thrice in a week and your skin texture and colour will surly be improved in an extra ordinary manner.


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and is great in cleansing and toning our skin well. You can mix lemon with rose water and dab cotton balls to this, for cleaning and toning your face or skin. You can the squeezed lemon and mix it with simple water to dilute its texture, apply it to your skin and leave it for half an hour, this will make your skin rejuvenated, fresh, flawless and fairer.  Make sure that you are not going anywhere wearing this mask, as impurities and sun rays could damage the skin.

Corn flour face mask

Corn flour is also being used for preparing face mask and this really works great. It is filled with nutrients and minerals and can perform miracles on tanned and dull skin as this provides instant fairness. You can add milk or curd or rose water to prepare the mask. Apply it on your skin and leave it for at least 20 minutes.

Yes it takes time to care for skin but this gives outstanding results and makes you more beautiful.

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