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The esteem celebrity Jennifer Lawrence said to a renowned magazine, “I prefer platinum blonde colour for my hair, it just gets in tune with me”.

A dull hair is something which can spoil your whole persona. Doesn’t matter you are full attired, but dull hair could straight fracture you exquisite vibe. It is imperative to make sure that your hair ought to get in tune with you look, which will glorify your personality. Hence, it won’t be wrong to assert that hair colouring is not advantageous but before going for it, it is mandatory to take a few tips. If you are not operating some vital organic precautions, it could certainly get your hair damaged.

Some of the important tips for best hair colour are;

  • Slow start: Set the ball rolling with sluggish nature. If you are thinking to change the colour of your hair, then first initiate with the complementary dye and if then it is quite cosy with your head threads, you can for sure continue with the process. The relevance of following this step is conventional as it is not intellectual to gamble with your hair. Some people prefer simple mehandi in inception, which does not have than intense harmful effect and gets their hair done perfectly.


  • Avoid colours from roots:  Always avoid colouring from the roots as it could damage your hair and will restrict the growth from that part. Some call it overlapping and hair specialist suggest to restrain. Moreover, colouring the hair that has previously been dyed will give a bad taste to the colour. Hence, the theory of colouring from roots is considered unwise as it could lead to hair loss.

  • Prefer Brands: It’s ideal to have faith in brands. Applying a reputed brand to your hair, will prevent any type of damage and keep your head threads safe and strong. Off brands may seem light weight to buy but slapping it to your hair could prove unhygienic owing to extra  use of chemicals that does not care for your hair for the long run, and get you quantum dandruff which makes your hair thin, later on effects it terribly. In genuine sense, it can straight way spoil you look.


  • Check hair porosity: Before colouring you hair, make sure you check the porosity of your hair. It can be done by making use of a few deep conditioning treatments before you slap colour on threads. If you require lush or blonde, there are different types of propensity levels to adhere. According to the knowledge of many experts, red colour is most easy to get rid of. Hence, be it thin or dense hair, red colour gets erased without causing any damage.

To make long story short, hair colours have taken the full onus of making you different from an ordinary class and glorify you at any age devoid any fairness cream.  


Hair Colour – the perfect way to mend your style!

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