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Who wants to look young? Oops, that is a wrong question so let's rephrase it, who doesn't want to look young?? Well, the answer is most of us wants to look young. The ones who wants to look young do everything to look young, like using anti-ageing creams, vitamins and hair colouring. Hair colouring is one of the most important things which everyone focuses on because grey hair makes a person look old, and if the person is really young and has grey hair, it's a different disaster story altogether.

Why my hair is turning into grey?

Our every hair strand is surrounded by hair follicle which contains pigments and these pigments produce a chemical called melanin which gives colour to our hair. When we age these pigments’ production of melanin also reduces and eventually our hair turns grey. If hair turns grey at a very young age, it’s called premature ageing caused due to:

  • Thyroid diseases
  • B12 deficiency
  • Vitiligo
  • Smoking
  • Natural deficiency

Is there is any remedies to turn grey hair into black permanently?

No, there is absolutely no solutions or cures to turn grey hair into black. The only remedy is to dye your hair. And plucking the grey hair is not at all a choice, for, constant plucking of hair will control the hair growth at a certain point of time, making that area bald.

Hair Colour??!! Is it safe?

Not all hair colours are safe because of the chemical contents in the mixture, especially ammonia. For some, it also causes allergic reactions. The safe bet is to try herbal hair colours which do not cause any side effects.

Pros of Organic hair dye

Henna is the Organic hair dye, which is popularly used by men and women. Henna is also called as Mehandi. Henna is a natural colouring agent, so there is no chemical, like ammonia, in it. No chemicals mean no side effects, like itching and allergy. Other added advantages of using this organic hair dye are, it can be used for dandruff treatment, it prevents hair from bristles, hair fall and split endsmake it glossy and it is also used for hair growth.

General tips for using organic dye

  • Buy Organic dye from trusted or branded manufacturers
  • Don’t buy the organic dye if it is light green or grey in colour.
  • Use amla, tea powder, gingelly oil, mustard oil, fenugreek seeds, curd, olive oil, egg white, with the henna.
  • Using organic dye is little tricky because it takes sometime to show results than the chemical ones. But if used, it shows great results compared to other chemical dyes.

How to apply

To apply the organic dye,follow the instructions given below:

  • Soak the henna in an iron vessel as it will oxidises henna
  • Before applying the dye, cover your skin and clothes as the stain can’t be removed easily. Also, use hand gloves while applying.
  • Apply the mixture directly on hair.
  • Wait for at least three hours after the application.
  • Rinse it thoroughly.

This process is bit tedious but it is free from side effects. Though chemical dyes give quick results and easy to apply, it causes a lot of damage to hair and health. Therefore, herbal dye is the best and natural solution to colour your hair. Click here to take a look at  various herbal dyes that Joy By Nature has in store for you.


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