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Colored hair looks beautiful and attractive. However, they need special care and specific styling tips. Here are some really helpful styling tips for colored hair to keep them looking beautiful as well as healthy –

Hair Color Tone

  • Pale Tones

If you want fun and cool quotient to reflect in your personality, go for pale tones for hair color. Light blonde will go best in this. If dying whole head isn’t possible for you, ask your stylist to get hair extensions.

  • Bronze Caramel Tone

Your rich mane will look really attractive with bronze caramel color tone. This hair color will make you look attractive in all weathers.

  • Dark Brown Tone

Dark brown tone will be suitable for nearly all kinds of skin tones. Go for the style of textured layering that ends into lighter hue. If you have a good length of hair, try curling the ends with hot rollers.

  • Double Hued – Brown to Blonde

You will be admired for having your crowning glory shaded into medium brown flowing into bright blonde color towards the end. Such colored hair can be braided also.

  • Medium Brown Tone

Medium brown tone of hair color will look suitable over lighter skin tones. Those with darker skin tone can customize this color with a dash of red hue. Condition them frequently as red hue may weaken hair shaft.

Colored Hair Shampooing Facts

  • If you have dyed your hair red, be prepared to have it fade faster than rest. The molecules of red hair color are larger in size and thus do not get penetrated deeper into the hair follicles. Ask your hair stylist to use a high-definition red color that would look brighter for long yet would stay safe on the hair

  • Now since you have colored your hair, do not shampoo it too often. This would dissipate hair color faster. While daily wash is a strict no-no, go for twice-a-week or thrice-a-week hair wash with a special shampoo meant to colored hair. Special shampoos would restore the natural oils in your hair. Infrequent wash will also help in longer-lasting of color.
  • If you have to appear for a mid-week event, do not subject your colored hair to an impromptu hair wash. Rather, use dry shampoo. Spray it closer to hair roots so that excessive oil can be soaked.
  • Don’t wash your hair immediately after coloring. Not for at least next 48 hours. This time is sufficient for hair color to settle down in hair.
  • When in the bath, keep your hair dry by wearing a shower Getting them dampened during daily bath will make roots lose their color.
  • Wash your colored hair with a cooler or tepid water. Do not wash with hot water as it tends to leech the color by opening the hair strand’s surface.
  • Use moisturizing conditioner on colored hair after every wash.

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