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We, women, can do anything we want and most of the time we can handle multiple things at a time. We multitask, and so either our body or our hair takes the negative effects that come along with it. Our body, to an extent, is quitea tolerableone, and we can take control if we have the will to. However, with hair, things get a little tricky. Or does it? This is a misconception that hair once lost can’t be regained. Well, I dare you to think otherwise. With the right kind of care and Treatment any hair damage can be repaired. Hair needs to be treated with a little extra care and a little extra love.

Here are some tips for your hair to love you back:

  1. Check it out: Go to a doctor and find out about your scalp. Find out if there are any scalp infections that you should get treated for. If you have dandruff affected hair use the right kind of products that can help you remove your Dandruff.

  1. Knowing your hair: Know thy hair is a golden rule that can help you in the long run. Find if your scalp is oily, dry or normal. Once you know that, you can concentrate on taking care of it by providing the right Nourishment

  1. Shampoo: Do not use shampoos that can make your hair dry. Any kind of hair can be damaged if you use chemical-filled shampoos. If your hair has already been damagedby these chemicals, you should put your trust in Shampoos from nature, and you will know, it is never too late to get back your shine. Treating your hair with organic remedies, especially one with naturalherbs and cleansers can help you get your hair back.

  1. Styling your hair: With all the occasions hitting in- your best friend's wedding, receptions, and parties and so on, styling your hair will be a norm nowadays. Make sure that when you style your hair, the heat is not kept at the highest. Protecting your hair from heat should be of utmost priority. Keep the straighter or curler at a safe distance from your scalp. Once done with styling your hair, make sure it is protected with a Serum that can cover your hair from the dust and pollution.

Following these basic instructions, you can make sure that your hair feels safe and loves you back. Oh, and by the way, you will thank me while walking down that aisle if you follow these rules religiously.

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