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There are many ways to remove these pimple marks naturally. You don't really need to consult a dermatologist or apply chemically rich creams for this. There are some home remedies and some really effective organic products for cleaning your zit marks.

Tea Tree oil: This is the best natural anti- bacterial agent to fight against pimple marks. You can make a blend of tea tree oil with carrier oil. Only 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil will do. Apply the mixed liquid to your face and let it stay for some hours. Now take a wet cotton ball to gentle rinse it off your face.

Rose Hip Seed Oil: This oil is very famous when it comes to healthy skin. The organic rose hip seed oil is very effective in skin cleansing. Make sure you go for organic oil only.

Honey: This is the best natural endowment for your skin. Honey is the natural skin moisturizer and works wonderfully on your skin. Apply raw honey on your skin and let the layer stay for a while. Rinse with clean water and use a soft towel to pat your face gently. Use only raw honey.

Sandal Wood: You can make a paste of sandalwood with rose water and then apply it on your skin. Or you can get an organic face pack of sandalwood. That would save you the time and would be equally effective. Apply a thin layer of this paste on your skin and let it dry. When it does, wash your face with water.

Coconut oil: Yes, coconut oil. This is one of the best natural moisturizers. It is very simple to work with. Just take some coconut oil on your palm and apply it on the pimple marks and let it stay for as long as you realise you applied something on your skin a good length of time ago. Let the skin absorb it completely. And then cleanse it.

Cucumber: Well, it is a well-known name when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. It has vitamins A and C which are super healthy for skin. Also, the vegetable has the best hydrating capacity. Put a fresh cucumber slice on the skin and leave it for about 20 minutes and then clean your face with fresh water. Repeat as much as you want.

There are many other treatments for removing pimple marks that are very simple. Skin problems are very common especially in teenagers and the solution to skin problems is really simple if you go organic.

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