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Taking a flawless no filter selfie seems next to impossible. However, with some selfie tips and some practice, you can master the art of clicking beautiful natural selfies without any hassle. Keep your selfies as natural as possible or you'll be seen as a try-hard. Here are some tips that will surely help you click those flawless selfies.

  • Find your light

Finding a good lightning for your selfies is essential. Lightning can make all the difference in your pictures. A good lightning will enhance your features and make you look beautiful while, a bad one will make you look dull and sick. Natural light is the most flattering of a kind. Try taking selfies outside whenever possible. Avoid using your flash. It will create a forehead glare, distort your appearance and possibly give your selfie the redeye effect.

  • Look for your angles.

Well, we all have got our beautiful angels. You just need to find yours. Instead of taking your picture head-on you can take experiment with different angles and different poses for you. You can either take picture by placing camera above your head, or exposing the side-part of your face. Many girls find ‘resting bitch face’ attractive. While others like a pose with subtle smile. Some are in live with pout and duck face.

  • Focus on a feature

If you're planning to take a close up, then go with some makeup. Also apply some primer on your face, it will give you the glow you need. If you love your eyes then apply nice eyeliner and mascara. You can also add some drama to your eyes and keep the rest of the face natural or nude. Similarly, if you love your lips the most apply a darker shade of lipstick matching your complexion and keep the rest of your face simple. 

  • Work on your background

Best of the selfies have more than just a pretty face. They have the most quirky background. You need not try too hard. Just find a nice background and position yourself in a way that people find it nice. Nature makes the best background. You can click a selfie at a beach or when the sun is kissing you. In summer you can pose in a wooded area. In winter, you can click your photographs in the snow and in the fall, use those beautiful leaves.

  • Find a good photo editor

There are many brilliant photo editors out there that will make you look beautiful in seconds. Will enhance the shape of your face, will fix all those blemishes and acne, will make your eyes bigger and brighter, etc. There are also other natural filters that will give you no filter look and make your selfies more beautiful.

Taking good selfies doesn't require much. Just some skills and tricks. Browse for organic beauty products. But remember, selfies are just a show of our outer beauty. You just need to be beautiful inside.


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