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Tanning is a major reason due to which most people don’t want to spend their free time outdoors. The harmful UV rays produced by the sun, increase the production of melanin in the exposed body parts; ultimately resulting in pigmentation hence darken of the complexion. Sometimes it also results in serious skin diseases. By using some simple steps and organic ingredients from your own kitchen, you can easily overcome this problem.

Prevention is a better option

Well said by someone, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Following simple steps and making them a habit will surely give you better results.

  • Go out in the sunfriendly hours

The sun is pleasant during morning time up to 10 am and after4pm in the evening. Try to go out in this time and avoid going at the time when the sun is at its tip. This will ultimately prevent you from getting tanned.

  • SPFs – a real protection

Apply herbal creams or lotions of +30 SPF value. This will prevent your skin from harmful rays and decrease the risk of tanning. Many products are available, but you should only go for organic products. They don’t have any side effects.

  • Wrap yourself

While going out, make sure that your body parts are covered well and are not in direct contact with harmful sun rays. Wear cotton clothes, use cotton scarfs to cover your face and sunglasses to cover your eyes. This will protect you from UV rays and pollution too.

Cure tanning with kitchen ingredients

Some essentialelements not only add flavour to food but also have medicinal values. These ingredients will surely help you out.

  • Lemon juice/ tomato juice + Aleovera

This is a commonly used anti-tanning product from long way back. Organic lemon helps in decreasing the pigmentation by reducing the production of melanin and acts as natural bleach. Aleovera helps in exfoliating the skin. Tomato contains antioxidants that nourish the skin and give a tan free glowing skin.

Note: Lemon makes skin more sensitive to the sun. Positively usean herbal cream30+SPF to avoid skin damage.

  • Besan(Bengal gram flour) + turmeric + rose water

It is one of the anciently used anti-tanning product. Besan removes the damaged/ dead skin and gives you glowing skin free from tanning.

  • Honey + turmeric + papaya

It is one of thebest methods to reduce the pigmentation and skin blemishes.Organic honey helps in reducing tan and making skin supple.Turmeric helps in making skin fairer. Papaya makes the skin radiant and glowing.

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