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Women with thick hair often envy those with fine hair. It is soft, light and has a beautiful texture. But fine hair comes with its own set of problems. Scroll below to find about the right way of taking care of fine hair.

  • Boost your natural volume with eggs

Eggs are full of proteins and your fine hair needs all the proteins it can get! Your hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. Applying eggs to your hair can make it look fuller and eliminate the problem of low volume. To use eggs, simply drain out the egg whites from the egg shells into a bowl. Add some curd to it if you have dry hair or some aloe flesh if you dry hair. Mix well and apply to your hair. If you suffer from dandruff you can also add half a lemon to it. Keep it on for about half an hour and wash off with a mild and herbal shampoo.

Remember! Wash away the dried mass of egg and other ingredients from your hair using lukewarm water before you apply shampoo. If possible, bath in cold water as hot water might cook the egg inyour hair and leave behind pieces.

  • Use products that give volume

There are various kinds of mousse and products that provide your hair volume after application. However most of these products contain a lot of chemicals so avoid them unless you have to attend a special occasion.

  • Blow drying your hair

Blow drying your hair can give your hair a lift and make it look voluminous. However regular blow dries can harm the roots of your hair so avoid it unless you absolutely have to. And if you have to dry your hair immediately, try doing it on a low heat.

  • Eating protein

You hair is made of protein which means in order for it to grow fuller, you need to feed it some more protein. Protein is found in adequate quantities in eggs, lean meat, milk and pulses. Make sure you consume these regularly to make your hair thicker.

  • Eating fruits and vegetables

Regardless of your hair type, you need to have a regular intake of fruits and vegetables. These contain a lot of vitamins that can help you absorb the right proteins to have thicker hair.

  • Oil massages

A hot oil massage is excellent not only to release stress but also because it stimulates your hair follicles. This prompts them to grow healthy. There are different kinds of oils that can suit your purpose. Coconut oil is light and is great in making your hair long and lustrous. Castor oil is thicker but it fights dandruff and give your hair the volume it needs.

Many women desire the beauty of silky fine hair. You are blessed with it naturally so take good care of them using these tips. Joy by Nature has many products that you might find useful! Come have a look!


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