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Whole preparations surrounding weddings have changed. Before, the focus of both people and camera used to be on the bride, but now, it has become mandatory for the bridegrooms too to look outstanding. It's your big day and you are going to be remembered forever by how you appeared on your wedding day. Your wedding albums are going to have you all over them, so don't you want to look great and match your bride-to-be? Well, here are a few tips on how you can be your best self on your big day!

  1. Get in shape

It's your big day and all eyes are going to be on you. Cut down on that belly fat and charm your bride-to-be! The most important thing is to be on a healthy and balanced diet then surely comes exercise. Do squats, push-ups or go jogging or walking or hit the gym! When the bride sees you, take her breath away!

  1. Pamper your skin

Firstly, discover what your skin type is - oily, dry or normal. Once you know that, buy a face wash and wash your face at least twice a day. Make sure to apply moisturizer after you've washed it so that it stays supple and soft. Also, exfoliate your skin at least twice a week so that you can do away with all the dead skins and get a skin that is healthy and glowing. Make sure you start this well in advance. Get a facial done a week or at least a few days before your wedding day. Moreover, use a sunscreen with enough SPF whenever you get out in the sun.

  1. Tame that hair

Find out which haircut suits you best and stick to it. For this, you'll have to get a haircut well before the wedding, at least a few weeks. Avoid getting a haircut on the days just before the wedding. Also, trim your facial hair or shave it clean, whichever works for you, on the day of your wedding.

  1. Get your nails done

It's your day and the camera is going to be following you everywhere. You don't want dirty or chipped nails to be caught on camera, do you? Get your nails done either in a salon or by yourself. Clean and file them into perfection.

  1. Sleep well

Make sure you get your beauty sleep on the nights preceding your wedding, no matter the excitement and preparations. A good sleep works wonders on your appearance.

  1. Make sure your teeth are "Say Cheese" ready

You have got to smile a lot at both camera and people on your day, so make sure your teeth are in a good condition. Visit a dentist and get them cleaned. Moreover, quit drinking tea, coffee and alcohol to promote oral health.

Follow these tips and you're ready to face your day head on. To browse through related products on Joy By Nature, click here.


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