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Men are growing aware towards their appearance and personality. Here is a mini-guide for men to look their naturally best.

Start With

The inceptive step towards a natural male look is to have a clean face. Face can be cleaned with below listed steps –

  • Regularly exfoliate with a mild scrub. Apply scrub to a slightly moist face and rub with finger tips in circular motion. This will help in removing dead skin cells in a gentle manner. After scrubbing, rinse and pat dry your face.
  • Moisturize your face with a water based moisturizer. Apply sunscreen of a good degree of SPF before stepping out in sun. Apply sunscreen over face and neck at least 20 minutes before going out for better absorption.
  • Once you are back from out, clean your face with an organic face wash and then apply toner. Toner would help your skin restore its pH level and hidden dirt.

Follow the cleaning regimen with clean shaven face as stubble will not allow proper cleaning.

Hiding Spots and Blemishes

Some men have dark spots and blemishes on their skin. They can take help of concealer to hide them. Here some tips for selecting and using men’s concealer –

  • Buy the concealer after testing it over the inner wrist. It should be of a suitable shade and must look natural over the skin. Darker men should not opt for lighter tone and vice versa.
  • Use concealer to hide your dark circles and blemishes. Apply with smaller strokes and use your fingers to rub them all over the spots. Blend the edges well to get the natural look.

Getting Rid of Blackheads& Freckles

  • Use organic and herbal face creams and masks for eliminating blackheads and freckles. Consult a dermatologist if they refuse to go.
  • There are mineral based creams and facials available that keep skin blemish free and also prevent onset of acne.
  • Men having oily or mixed skin should use oil-control creams that are water based.
  • Those having dry skin can use moisturizing cream. If any particular product or beauty regimen is not favoring your skin stop its use immediately. Talk to a skin specialist and follow the advice.
  • If suffering from acne or freckles, do not touch your face for the risk of spreading infection.

More Tips

  • Regular shaving makes skin drier. This calls for skin’s nourishment that should include face, neck as well as lips.
  • Men can use eye drops to keep their eyes healthy and sparkling. Use them daily before going to bed to get rid of lethargic vision.
  • Those having pale complexion can use bronzing gel for naturally tanned complexion.

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