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Again! Did it just break again! I know what you go through when you break your nails. It is painful both physically as well as emotionally, isn’t it? It breaks your heart as well. Brittleness of nails is considered to be when it gets cracked easily, splits or peeled. It is most common among women. These brittle nails can be signs of many things such as ageing, anaemia, hypothyroidism or deficiency of some nutrients in your diet. Sometimes the chemicals applied to your nails may also be the reason behind your brittle nails.  Brittle nails are caused by fungal infections as well. It indicates that you have to take extra care of your nails, nourish them, pamper them and feed them. Let us take a look into ways of how we can prevent brittleness of the nails.

  • Do not leave nail polish for too long on nails

Yes you heard it right! Leaving nail polish for too long on your nails may result in brittle nails. The chemical used for the quick drying of the polish makes the nails dry too, taking away all its moisture. Using a moisturiser or a cream before applying a nail polish helps maintain the moisture in your nails.

  • Olive oil to the rescue

Brittle nails can be cured by soaking your nails in extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes daily for a month and then twice a week. Trust me it works wonders. Olive is best known for moisturising properties and hence works its magic on nails too.

  • Massage

Take some time out for your nails too. They tend to lose moisture easily and rapidly as they become subject to exposure to water and everything that we touch. Massaging the nails would help in restoring the moisture and storing it. The various massage creams and oils may come handy.

  • Indulge in foods rich in biotin

Biotin is one such nutrient which is required for good growth of nails and hair. It helps in maintaining strong nails. Food like milk, almonds, nuts, whole grains and peanut butter are rich in biotins. You can also take biotin supplements which is widely available if you are conscious about your fitness.

  • Wear gloves

Sounds OCDic right! But it is advisable to wear gloves during your chores to avoid extreme exposure to water, detergent or any dish washing agent. A glove also helps during the winters to prevent the nails from drying up.

So you see preventing brittle nails is not as hard as it sounds. It needs some care, patience and little time though. Click here for more hand and nail care products to get those perfect hands and nails.


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