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You often see your friends and colleagues wearing sleeveless kurtas, off-shoulder dresses and spaghetti tops and envy them. Whenever you try on such clothes, you face the public embarrassment of dark and patch armpits. They not only look awful but also restrict you from wearing what you like. Dark and patchy underarms can be due to several factors like chemical-based hair removal creams, shaving, excess sweating, poor ventilation and excess use of alcohol-based deodorants. This minor problem can be easily treated using simple and effective home remedies. These herbal remedies are not only safe but quite easy to use as well. So, let us get to know about a few such natural treatments and thus, flaunt beautiful and bright underarms.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great skin lightening and exfoliating agent. This helps in removing dead and dark skin and promoting regeneration of new cell tissues. This will also help you in getting rid of bad body odor. Just mix a spoon of baking soda with water to get a smooth paste. Scrub this on your underarms. Then wash it off with normal water. Do it at least three times in a week. You can also prepare a concoction by mixing equal proportions of baking soda and cornstarch.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is also a natural cleansing agent. Besides, it possesses anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. That is why lemon is a universal ingredient used in several skin-related treatments, including dark and patchy underarms. Since lemon can dry up your skin, do not forget to apply a good moisturizer after its application. All you need to do is rub a slice of lemon to remove dead skin cells and lighten underarms. After its application, allow it to dry and then wash off after 10 minutes. You can also add a spoon of sugar for making an exfoliating scrub. Prepare another mixture by mixing a pinch of turmeric powder, a spoon each of hone, curd and lemon juice. Apply this concoction on your underarms an then, allow it to dry. Later wash off with normal water. Repeat this procedure at least three times a week.

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  1. Cucumber

Cucumber possesses bleaching properties and therefore, helps in lightening dark-colored skin. It is also beneficial for patchy skin on your underarms. Just rub a slice of cucumber slice on your underarms or apply its juice. Repeat this procedure daily for quick healing. You can also prepare another concoction by mixing a pinch of turmeric powder, and a few drops each of lemon and cucumber juice. Apply this paste on your underarm skin and let it dry. Later, wash off with normal water. Apply this mixture daily for best results.Cucumber gives a hydrating effect and therefore, is good for eyes. It helps in reducing fatigue and puffiness around the eyes.

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  1. Potato

Potatoes are acidic in nature and therefore, act as a natural bleaching agent. However, it is mild on skin and therefore, won’t cause any irritation. Just rub a slice of potato on your underarms. You can also grate it to extract the juice. Apply this juice on the affected area and then, allow it to dry. Later, wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure two times a day.

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  1. Orange Peel

Orange peels are universally known for lightening and treating dark and patchy skin. It is also used in several commercial and natural exfoliating scrubs.Just dry some fresh orange peels in the sun and then, grind them into a powder. Add two spoons of orange peel powder in some raw milk. Mix well to get a thick paste. Now, scrub your underarm with this paste and then leave it for some time. Wash off after sometime with cold water. Do it at least thrice a week.Orange peels are great for skin. Besides lightening the skin color, they also help in reducing acne breakouts and the scars associated with it.

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