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Why do we have to use hair conditioners? What is so important about them? There are many reasons that can be given as answers to this question but to keep it short and simple- By using hair conditioners, our hair becomes soft, smooth and less prone to damage caused by our day to day activities.

They target the strands’ outer cuticles hence providing a smooth appearance. In order to maintain the scales of the cuticle, it is important to condition hair regularly which provided conditioning to the half-dead strands due to pollution and blazing heat. Our hair needs nutrients like proteins, biotin, vitamins E, omega-3 and most importantly Keratin for their proper growth along with other fatty acids. For all these nutrients and to live the dream of having healthy and luscious looking hair, using hair conditioners is vital.

Avoiding conditioning can be fatal to hair as after all the natural damage that tends to come from normal weathering-washing, drying, combing, coloring, heat use etc, the hair are not left strong enough to fight these damages and shampoo alone cannot provide the required nutrients. This ignorance can cause further damage to the cuticles.

All hair is made up of the same material keratin. The difference is in the shape of the hair shaft coupled with the hair follicle below the scalp. Different amount of nutrients are provided by the glands to the hair depending upon their type. This is the reason why straight hair look more healthy and luscious than curly hair. And so they are. It is not a myth. Hence, to provide right amount of nutrients to them and protect them from any further damage, hair conditioner are crucial. There are people who might be using hair conditioners for the very first time and it is very important to know the proper methods of using one. After every shower, the tresses dab as a regulator but it’s not enough. A generous amount of conditioner that fits in the palm of your hand is usually enough to be used. It is mandatory to make sure that only the ends of the hair strands are covered with the head always kept in the right position that is it should be held high after shampoo. A little amount should be applied at the ends and middle portion of the tresses.  It should be rinsed carefully after at least 15 minutes of time span and conditioning your hair once a week is enough to protect them.

It is a wake-up call for those who do not use hair conditioners. We can always visit our hair experts and try the best brand of hair conditioner suitable for our hair or ask Google for some help in providing us the names of the best available brand. For more info, click here.


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