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Hair fall, at times, can be a very serious problem for men or for women. The sad part is, when one searches for hair fall in men  one gets around 2,79,00,000 results and when one searches for hair fall in women the result count was over 4,00,00,000. By this, we all get the idea of how hair fall in men  is not as significant as hair fall in women. So, this post is for all the men who suffer and are looking for solutions.

Identifying Hair Loss

This is the stage when you find hair all around you, especially not on your head. They’re everywhere, when you comb your hair, on your towel after you get out of the shower, while randomly running your hands through your hair, on the carpet, on your clothes and a lot of other places. This is when you know something’s not right and you need to take care of your hair loss.

Following are signs that will help you realize if your hair is on the road to ruin:

  • Receding hairline
  • Thinning of hair
  • Crown of your head going bald

Fighting Hair Loss

Hair loss can be due to various reasons, out of which some we are in control of and with some we are just helpless. These can include less nutrients to the hair, dandruff, improper care, stress, poor quality of water with which you wash your hair and many others. Remember, it is very important to discover the reasons behind your hair fall . If needed, you should also look for professional help.

The first step should be figuring out what suits your hair the best. Initially, try home remedies  like oiling your hair, eating healthy food and things like that. If the problem still persists, you should go for shampoos  and conditioners that are best to undo the damage caused by hair loss . Organic treatment  is what comes to mind for basically two reasons. One, they are made out of natural extracts and treat your hair with utmost care and two, they tend to suit almost all kinds of people and hardly generate any side effects or allergies.

Everything’s Going to Be Alright

There can be times when you panic after you see your hair everywhere, but on your head. This is when the situation can get tricky. Studies show that stress has a major role to play as the cause of hair loss. Therefore, you have to keep your calm, no matter what. Massage your head, close your eyes, relax yourself and take deep breaths. This is going to help both, your head and your hair.

And of course, if you can’t find any, we always have the solutions for you. Click here to find the best of the cures that Joy By Nature has to offer. We’ll be happy to help.


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