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Enhancing and protecting the beauty of eyes has been a practice going on for ages. Majority of the women in world do use Kajal for at least one of the purpose (Health or Beauty).No matter what the occasion is or even day to day eye dressing and eye care. Kajal has been an inseparable makeup element for any lady.


There have been many a reasons for applying Kajal:

  • Lubricant: Kajal reduces burning sensation and reduces dryness from the eyes.
  • Moisturize: Kajal keeps the eyes moist and soft on the edges which experience a hammer of blink every sec.
  • Protection: Kajal keeps the dust and impurities at bay and protects the eyes from further damage due to minute dust particles.
  • Freshen up: keeps the eyes looking fresh and clean all the time.
  • Beauty: Enhances beauty of the eyes.
  • Hiding blood vessels: Covers the red blood cells which give the eyes a tired look.
  • Bad luck: To keep bad luck away from the eyes of Infants and toddlers.
  • Glycerin: Helps to clear the tears faster and helps protect from infection.

All these therapeutic qualities are what make Kajal an important aspect of every day dressing for any woman. Hence applying a good Kajal is essential for many a reasons.

Kajal can be made at home or get a readymade one.

Making at home would require some amount of time and a good amount of knowledge for the genuine ingredients to be used and the right process and hygienic conditions to be followed in order to get a good quality Kajal.

Many brands of Kajals are available in the market and in many varieties now a day. Choosing a right Kajal for your eye type is of importance. In case you are not aware what to choose, a natural and organic Kajal is what you can go for without thinking much into. Brands like Soultree, Biotique and Shahnaz Husain are into organic and natural Kajal varieties. One can buy an organic Kajal which solves a multipurpose use of having all the benefits combined into it. A cooling Kajal can be used for soothing and moistening the eyes and last but not the least an Ayurvedic Kajal with many a medicinal benefits and no side effects. Choosing any natural or organic Kajal can save you from many an issues and side effects caused by un natural and inorganic Kajals which can hurt your eyes.

Kajal makeup is one thing which can give use many advantages simultaneously looking full of life, taking the dullness out and creating a dramatic first impression on a stranger and lastly hiding your flaws and shortfalls. Here are a few tips when you want to have a different look for every occasion.

General: Thick lines on both the lashes are you are ready.

Office: Only upper lash line to catch it.

Party: Only lower lash line to groove in

Disco: Upper lash line and a little smudge

Photography: Thick angular lines around the eyes and highlight the eyelid.

Journey: Thick lines on both with sufficient eye shadows for a longer time.

Wedding: Get the upper lash line upwards and the lower lash line downwards to sing through it.

Hosting event: Double lines on the upper lash to set the dice on fire.

School: Thick on both lash lines with a tick at the end.

The Ingredients which go into the making of Kajal play a major role in eye care. Castor oil promotes growth of eye lashes. Almond oil prevents dark circles around the eyes giving them a youthful look and camphor oil helps in growth of eyebrows. No matter which Kajal is applied all Kajals made from natural ingredients are beneficial to the eyes in many ways. So try to choose a Kajal made using natural and organic ingredients, free from chemicals and lead which have a staggering side effect on the eyes. Always apply Kajal after cleaning your eyes them with water and remember to remove the Kajal used throughout the day and reapply fresh at night for better effects.

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