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Make up is an essential beauty item used by all women all over the world and many females are in no hurry to ditch this daily necessity.While choosing make up may help enhance one’s personal appearance and self-esteem, it also exposes to a range of skin concerns. Organic make-up kits are the perfect saviours in such a scenario. Organic make-up kits make your life simpler in the following ways-

  • Eco friendly-

Conventional beauty products utilize petroleum-based ingredients and usually rely on a host of other chemicals for their products in excess. These compounds are typically composed of harmful substances like petroleum, aluminium and lead, all of which require extensive mining. Much of this is done is  some of the world’s most beautiful and sensitive areas like the Amazon rainforest and miles of land are destroyed and stripped of vital wildlife every year. In fact the most common personal care products of all- antiperspirants-utilize aluminium.

  • No harsh chemicals-

Although they may be effective for improving appearance, albeit temporarily, the chemicals in conventional makeup are often very harsh on skin and may promote irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. A reddish and haggard hue is certainly not going to help you look young. More importantly, many of the chemicalsused in the make-up are downright poisonous to the endocrine system. Parabens and phthalates are two common examples of substances that are used extensively in cosmetics.

  • Natural fragrance-

Many people shop with their nose when it comes to personal care products, similarly to the way most people “eat with their eyes” before actually placing any of the food into their moths. The two human senses will usually help determine a product’s worthiness in the minds of consumers. Scents in the majority of beauty products consist of a mixture of chemicals and these chemicals can be in haled throughout the day by people who wear such beauty products. Man made aromas expose the body to a number of toxic effects and some research has linked them to cancer, nervous system disorders, allergies and birth defects. Not only do humans inhale these chemicalsinto their lungs, they also expose the skin to these noxious compounds.When choosing beauty products, always make sure that the scents are derived from 100% natural ingredients. Essential oils are perhaps the best natural perfumes in the world and the most concentrated in terms of aroma. Organic make-up kits make use of all these natural aromas.

  • Nutrient-Rich-

Your skin has the ability to absorb all kinds of compounds however, a protective barrier is necessary to keep dangerous compounds to some degree of the body. Even then, research still concludes that make-up when applied topically can damage the face and lead to untold skin consequences. Cocoa butter is one of the leading natural moisturizers out there, providing essential fatty acids for healthy, youthful skin. Organic makeup, especially liquid foundation may have cocoa butter or various nutrient-rich oils to provide a smoother, more youthful look. Extracts of white-tea, grapes, apricots and pomegranate seeds provide antioxidant protection and may inhibit collagenase and elastase, two enzymes that break down the integrity and elasticity of dead skin. Organic makeup also contains herbal extracts which heal the skin and nourish it.

  • Protection from premature ageing-

Makeup made with natural minerals generally provides a certain level of sun protection. The skin on the face is thinner and more susceptible to UV-related skin ageing. Organic make up products contain mineral-rich organic elements which leave your skin glowing. Three most common organic mineral ingredients are:

  • Titanium oxide: Provides SPF 15 protection against the sun’s harmful effects.
  • Zinc oxide: Protects against both UVA and UVB types of light.
  • Iron oxide: Also provides ultraviolet protection.

The bottom line is beauty comes from within and it starts with you! Click here to browse some of the products offered by Joy by nature.


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