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A glowing skin is a direct mean to keep one happy and lively. Worried about getting embarrassed by a mere dark patch on your face, neck or other body parts? Do not get steamed up because there are many treatments to do away with these dark patches. A quick solution to this could be to apply extra make-up but honestly, the concealers can turn out to be nightmares for you. Also, there is no need to go through laser surgeries to restore your healthy skin. Witness astonishing changes on your skin by taking skin care  via proper and fruitful measures.

What is the root of dark patches?

Sun damage is the biggest reason to cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Dark or brown spots on your skin are mainly because of the increment in the amount of melanin. These excess melanin pigments form into noticeable spots, if not allowed to get evenly dispersed on the skin.

Vitamin deficiency, hormonal misbalance, allergic reactions, improper diet etc. can originate dark patches too.

Is it possible to cure these spots?

For all the beauty conscious people who are wondering how to fix this major problem of dark spots on your skin, there are many effective and simple backups to bid a farewell to those ugly patches.

  • Cleanse and tone your face everyday.

Choose a cleanser and toner that suit your skin type the best. Check that your face wash is not greasy. Wash your face daily. Use good quality face washes. You can also develop your own simple and cheap cleansers. Here are few tips on how to formulate your own cleaner:

  • Lemon Juice: A perfect source for a radiant skin.With acidic contents, lemon juice acts as a complete bleaching agent. Just cleanse the dark parts of your skin with cotton dipped in lemon juice. It is a very powerful cleanser and detoxifier. It removes the dead cells from your skin enabling it to exfoliate.

2) Papaya: Scrub the area with a piece of ripe papaya. Later, clean it with cold water. This is a perfect formula to lower the amount of dead cells in your skin.

  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood paste is very helpful in preventing hyperpigmentation. Use rose water and glycerin along with sandalwood powder to make the paste and apply it on your affected skin. Wash it with lukewarm water and see the difference in just few practices.

  • Keep your skin moisturized at all times:

Use a moisturizer to keep your skin oil free that tends to clog your skin pores. Using natural moisturizer will be a better option for all skin types.

  • Wear sunscreen and prevent darker spots:

Exposure to the sun could be the sole reason to your dark spots. Prevent it from getting any darker by just applying SPF sunscreen.

Use fresh products and avoid exposure to the sun as much as you can. Illuminate your dark patches by proper skin care and patience. It may take a long time (may be weeks) to restore your skin quality. Keep order and consistency and you shall see the outcome gracefully in your favor.

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