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Hair is undeniably the most prized possession for a majority of us. We all love to flaunt our long, silky and shiny tresses, irrespective of our gender. After all, a good mane definitely adds brownie points to the overall personality and glam quotient. The secret to a good set of hair, is naturally through rigorous and intensive care of the scalp.

Since our scalp is like the soil which requires adequate amount of nutrients and moisture to produce a decent crop, or hair in this case. The way plants require manure to improve the quality of the soil and lead to a better growth, similarly to get those lustrous locks, it is important to massage the oil and cleanse our scalp regularly and properly to get beautiful hair.

However, it is also true that there is considerable fraction of people out there, who have it hard when it comes to hair care. This population includes people who consider themselves too busy to comb or wash their hair at the right time. Such ill-treatment of the mane or rather scalp will naturally obstruct the hair growth process and lead to dry and brittle hair.

If you are as clueless as us, on how to transform your dull mane into shining long locks, read below and we will let you in on a few secrets. It is essential to remember that our scalp is directly linked to hair health. So whatever the results be, the input requires pampering the scalp. Here is a few DIY home made solutions to improve your hair quality:

  • Eggs: these are the most preferred form of treating dry and dull hair. Regular usage ensures soft and thick hair.
  • Baking soda: the cleansing property of baking soda is also useful when it comes to manging the dirt and grime in the scalp.
  • Olive oil and lemon: this concoction works wonders to eliminate hair conditions, including itchy and dry scalp.
  • Coconut butter: the fat and protein is useful to moisturise and condition the hair, adding an instant shine.
  • Avocados: when used as a paste, avocadoes can help to tame frizzy and unmanageable hair.
  • Flour: use flour to get rid of excessive oil in the hair.
  • Yogurt: usage of yogurt helps to nourish and moisturise the hair. The protein and the probiotics present, help to cure scalp conditions.
  • Honey: applying honey on hair, leads to soft and shiny hair. The nutrients in honey, help to get rid of dry and brittle hair.
  • Vinegar: this is a popular alternative conditioner that brings a shine to your hair. Rinsing with vinegar can help to eliminate scalp infections and solve hair problems.
  • Cold water: although this may seem ridiculous, but hot water can cause excessive damage to the scalp by itching and irking the roots and leading to excessive oil secretion by the glands. As a result, your hair is not cleaned properly and lacks lustre.
  • Herbal oil: this includes the likes of coconut, almond and Brahmi oil which are known to strengthen the hair and improve its quality by repairing damaged roots and scalp.


So we have been kind enough to dash out a long list of natural resources that you can include in your daily routine and see a visible change in the quality of your hair, quite soon. Since all the methods suggested are accessible easily, it should not be difficult to try them or apply these on your scalp.  The items mentioned are known for their chemical-free and moisturising properties that helps to strengthen the hair and increase their volume.

Good hair is a rare sight to spot these days, thanks to the high pollution levels and decreasing quality of air. Plus, the ever increasing industrialisation demands several constructions all over the city which not only bring in dust and grime but also add to the pollutant particles in the environment. Since we can restrict our movement, it is necessary to breathe through this dust and dirt, thereby damaging our hair and skin quality.


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