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It is really difficult to maintain the elasticity of your skin after you reach 25 or 30 years of age. Whether you opt for salon treatments or else, try out natural products, you need to be very careful about the regular maintenance and exfoliation of your skin.

How to look gorgeous by maintaining a healthy skin?

There are many natural and herbal remedies that can detoxify your skin, and rejuvenate the skin tissues, by enhancing blood circulation, and eradicating the toxins from your body. You can follow these simple steps to be the owner of a porcelain-like skin:

  • Keep your skin hydrated all the time: It is essential to have lots of fluids per day, as it replenishes your skin, and helps it to retain its lost vigor. Using organically-fermented green tea, aloe vera and natural gooseberry juice and cucumber are the most effective ways to retain the fluid level of your skin. Regular intake of natural skin foods can help you to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

  • Daily cleansing and natural exfoliation: You can maintain a healthy skin regardless of your age, if you cleanse and exfoliate your skin daily. You can just sprinkle some water on your face and neck, as you get up in the morning, or else, just dab on some salt and baby oil on your face and keep on exfoliating, till the oil penetrates into your skin. You can also maintain a healthy skin by using natural and organic soaps, cleansing milk and tissue wipes.
  • You can visit a professional salon at regular intervals: To get professional assistance to rejuvenate your tired skin, you can go for a salon treatment using organic herbs and natural products like fruits and honey, which keep your skin glowing, hydrated, supple and smooth.
  • Use honey and lemon as part of your diet: Honey and lemon form the miracle combination to detoxify and moisturize your skin naturally. They help in keeping your skin de-pigmented, so you can take care of your skin with honey and lemon juice, and it does not matter how old are you. While you start your day, or before taking a shower, you can apply raw honey and lemon juice all over your skin, to fight sunburn and to make your skin look evergreen.

Things to be avoided if you want to maintain your skin:

Maintaining a natural glowing skin regardless of the age can be made possible only if you do not eat junk foods and avoid late nights, smoking and drinking. Liquor consumption damages the collagen under your skin, and you tend to get old faster.

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