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Manicure is one of the highest preferred services in various spas and salons. There is something so refreshingly beautiful about getting our hands treated with manicure to soften them up and have them clear of all cuticles. It isn’t just a high-tech salon feat as there are some simple steps that can be followed by using simple items to do a manicure at home.

Items Required

These are the basic items required to perform a manicure. A nail polish remover to remove any old nail polishes, nail cutters, files, a bowl with warm water, shampoo with mild foaming capabilities, scrub, towel, cream for hands and a good nail polish. Make sure that the file has the optimum amount of strength. It will be hard to create any shape if it is too weak and it will be difficult to achieve the precision if it is too strong. Nail polishes often come with soft brushes which are thin and sharp. It is the best way to apply a nail polish.

Removing the Old Nail Polish

Use the nail polish remover to remove traces of old nail polish. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position to do the cleaning so that you can carry the process easily and be comfortable with the end results too. The same step can be followed even if there is no nail polish present on your nails in order to remove any traces of oil presence. Now, the nail clippers must be used to trim the nails until the end of the pinkish region.

Designing the Shape of Nail

Decide the shape that you want to go with even before starting to file. Use references from internet and draw sketches on a blank page. Find out what shapes interest you and figure if that could be achieved with your nails. There are four basic shapes to which your nails can be files, they are oval, square, square-oval and pointed. Practice filing a cardboard to your desired shapes in order to get some practice. File in only single direction and avoid filing in and out.

Scrubbing and Softening

Use scrubbers to remove the excess of dead skins. Apply hand cream such as moisturizers to add more moisture to your hand and improve its look. Nail polish can now be applied in a single or double coat, depending upon its type.
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