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It’s the potty smell again! Not that pee anymore! Do you know? More than you, your baby gets tired of its own emissions. To keep its body healthy and mind fresh, it is necessary that you, yes you, provide it with the splashes of cleaners!

Sad thing is that, in some cases, the baby’s skin texture can prevent it to have a bath regularly.

It is tricky!

Following things must not happen during this course:

  1. Skin develops allergy.
  2. Chemicals causing direct health problems.
  3. Smoothness and texture is lost
  4. Microbes build homes deep inside. So through cleaning!

Do consult a professional before the stunts of cleaning are performed on the baby.

First Learn!

Some sore culprits to your room stinking because of the baby could be:

  1. Poop
  2. Unbathed body
  3. Unclean surroundings

The centric words which appear when talked about baby cleanliness include the mantra which you must chant, “Clean the baby. Mild the baby! They will mind the baby!”

Your wish is my command!

“I want my baby to look neater than hers” she said irritated. Her friend thought and thought and came out with a product. She handed over the following list and said, “These are the mantras. All evils shall wash away. Use them wisely and well!”

  1. Clean your house first!

Before jumping into the baby’s properties, keep the house free from dust and irritating microbial systems! Do dusting (not when your baby’s hugging or kissing you!), mopping with antiseptics regularly. Keep a mild atmosphere. It is recommended to illuminate the room with a few candles (keep them away, though!)

  1. Clean its clothes next! Just don’t fret! CLEAN!

You don’t breathe, no problem! But don’t forget to wash his/her clothes regularly. Detergent them with natural ones after soaking them. Dry them out. Keep them always bubbling and fresh!

  1. Show me your nails! WHAT?

You don’t want shocks later! Every often cut them, trim and keep them in a good shape, Nails are very good passages for those evil microbes to enter into the baby. No. No nails allowed!

  1. Yes! Remove the stinky odour now!

Keep it mild! Study the skin texture! Then buy the oil. Scented oil-Mineral oil combination can smoothen the skin and remove the ugly pallor. A gentle, very tender massage can put it into a pot of happiness. To wash the hair, use a small, soft washcloth (which is warm) and a baby shampoo.

  1. Shh! It is sleeping! Quietly tell me how to clean its neck!

Shh! Don’t talk aloud! Combine some drops of lavender oil (2-3), hydrogen peroxide (1 Teaspoon) and sterile water (some 5 cups) and a small amount of tea of chamomile. This is enough to kick out the stink. Wrap the cloth from behind the baby’s neck gently and rub it over.


Keep your surroundings smell good! Use oil infusers which work best! Don’t go for the dangerous candles or the aroma diffusers.

  1. Cosmetic galore!

Use a trusted brand of the gentle talcum powder for babies. Also, prefer a cool and gentle moisturizer fit for baby skin. Remember to select a good shampoo depending on the hair texture and structure.

Another tip!

As your baby is very curious to use its two feet and start exploring its house, put a good pair of light socks, so that it’s not exposed directly to the hard floor.

Remember don’t be so clean-holes! Some dirt is essential for your baby, some very little DUST, for it to gather some immunity inside it. Competition for the best smell is getting intense! In a recent research, it has been proved that women’s neural output rockets up, on sniffing a baby! So keep it clean and make other’s go high in their jealousy!


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