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It is very common about the babies suffering from the most terrible case of diaper rash and is one of the worst feeling in the world when we see them in such awful situation.On having the babies undergo such harsh conditions, we begin to search for remedies – be it a cream or any other method to treat diaper rash. Therefore, we need to be very careful while choosing a perfect lotion as it is to be in concern with the baby’s delicate skin.

Being more concern about the rashes you need to take utmost care of the baby in order to help the baby come out of this gruesome bearings. It is henceforth very essential for the kid to stay in comfort zone as this will keep away from getting infected and also prevention from many critical diseases.

We all know it’s very common for the babies to get rashes, but you need blame your own self for such happenings. It also doesn’t mean that you are not taking good care of the baby, but you just need to make sure that you make the baby free from these rashes as soon as possible, because they may certainly lead to infectious diseases.

So to free your baby from the precarious conditions, you can follow some very good natural remedies. But before doing so, it is important to know as to why the rashes occur, or why does the baby experience the redness and pain. To seek out a problem, we need to know the main root of the cause.


  • Most of the times, we keep the baby’s diaper unchanged, and this leads to inflammation in the skin and the baby from here starts to feel uncomfortable.
  • A few other reasons are – improper digestion/ indigestion, food poisoning and also yeast infection.

They all together are responsible for various infections like redness in the skin, inflammation, cyst, swelling, etc.

Given below are some natural remedies as to how to treat the diaper rashes.

  1. Breast Milk: - If you apply breast milk on to baby’s rash, it will surely heal the rash and this method is very effective. You just need to rub few drops on the rash and let it dry. Use a new diaper for the baby after some time.
  2. Vinegar: - Prolonged exposure to the dirty diaper will lead to skin burns as urine has alkaline properties. So, one part vinegar in eight parts of water can be used to wash the baby’s bottom. This will help kill all kinds of bacteria.
  3. Yogurt: - It is known for calming the skin and decrease inflammation and is considered as the well-known component for treating skin rashes. Apply on the rash and let that dry.
  4. Coconut oil: - Coconut oil has many other uses apart from treating diaper rashes. It works amazingly for baby’s diaper rash.You just need to blob some amount of the oil onto the baby’s rash area and this provides relief to the irritated skin of your child.
  5. Washcloth wipes: - You should refrain making use of the wet wipes from the markets. In spite of that you can use wet wipes dipped in warm water.

Beating diaper rash the natural way

This kind of wash is very effective and helps in keeping your baby free from dirt and ultimately produces fragrances from the baby’s body.

  • Diaper Rash Cream: -

It inhibits inflammation and provides relief from the irritated skin and also enhances the healing power of redness, soothes to all skin types. You need to apply this onto the area where the diaper rubs the skin. This proved has proven to be clinically accepted and is used worldwide.

  • Zinc Oxide, Petroleum containing creams: - Zinc oxide has wonderful property of repelling water and is therefore used in diaper rash creams.This compound is a part of one of the ingredients in many baby’s diaper rash creams.
  • Lanolin extract: - It is a long chain ester fatty material and is found in the sheep wool. This has wide applications and is specially designed for beautifying the skin and for better protection.

You can therefore, make use of this information and help your baby recover these dreadful rashes.  You can also opt for Nappy creams by applying them on the freshly washed and dried skin of the baby.

Or you can choose many other solutions for curing your baby’s diaper rash. In keeping these tips in mind, you will be freed from all worries!! With this, you will see you child healthy and happy, you too would get to your work without any kind of tension.




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